5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


27. Just no

Carters Pov

I am so bored. Liam is with Danielle Harry is with Aria Zayn is with Hallie (ooh!).This girl is sitting next to Niall , Avery does not look impressed. The song Hey there Delilah just started playing Avery loves this song but Niall's not dancing with her he is dancing with that chick urgh! I am just gonna go see Avery but I feel two hands on my waist pulling me back and I know this is not Liam."Why is someone so fit all alone?" the man growled in my ear "just no pervert" I said and he chuckled and started touching me every where "GET OFF!" I yelled over the music he laughed and roughly kissed me.I knew Liam saw but Danielle pulled him away to dance."Let's take this to my place" he whispered "OH HELL TO THE NO!" I yell then kick him in the shin."BIATCH" he spat then pours his beer on my head and pushes me to the ground.As I lay here I can Avery screaming my name "hey Aves"I choke out "let's go home now"she yelled and helped me to my feet.


Avery's Pov

"Niall I am going home" I yelled but he was having fun with Belle.....URGH! I help a limping Carrie (nickname) into the cab.We are home now and she will tell all.

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