5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


28. Idiot

Avery's Pov

Carter went to bed she was exhausted can't  blame her really with all that drama.The rest of the guys came home at about 1:00 am I was watching some really old gangsta film when I heard the door creak open "hi where's Carter" Liam squeaked "gone to bed I'm not surprised she nearly got raped tonight fun fun fun" I snapped not looking away from the TV "I-I-I couldn't do anything Dani wanted to dance with me" he stuttered "idiot" I muttered "hey Avery I know you're mad but there is no need to be rude" Niall said which shocked me."And you don't need to dance to my favourite song with your ex girl friend"I yelled then ran into my room.About an hour later Zayn came into my room "hey you know Niall's ex you were talking about did she have bleach blonde hair 3 ear-rings and blue eyes?

he said "yeah" I said flatly "Belles back then" Zayn murmured before leaving.

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