5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


10. How you doin?

Aria's Pov

I heard a car door slam and minutes later there was a knock on the door everyone flew to the door. I answered it and there was an AMAZING looking boy with curly hair standing in front of me "uh hi love"he stuttered I let him and the rest of the boys through "hi we are one direction" the one with the dark hair said

Avery's pov

I looked behind the rest of the boys then saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes (like me!) he was blushing "hey whats up" I said to him . "oh um well you are in my favorite girl group" he shuffled awkwardly I chuckled then realised some thing was missing or someone Lola! "I am sorry we never caught your names" I asked "well I am Niall" the blond boy said "I am Harry" the curls said "I am Liam" one added "zayn"the boy with the black hair nodded "and i am louis" the one on the end said.

Isn't there meant to be 5 of you" Niall questioned "yeah" I answered "OI LO GET DOWN HERE" I yelled up  the stairs.


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