5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


16. Aria and Hallie going gansta

Aria's Pov

I was watching TV when Avery ran past crying and went straight to her room me and Hallie both ran too "Hey Avery you ok" Hallie called "yeah shes just fine" I said sarcastically then Hallie rolled her eyes "wheres the others?" Avery sniffed "shopping"replied Hallie "can we come in" I asked the door swung open and Avery showed us her purple cheek all she could manage to saw was "Jake". "We need to pop out we will be straight back kay" Hallie said "o-o-OK " Avery whimpered."So what now"asked Hallie

"time to show that douche bag just what he got himself into"I said punching my hand then we both left.


With Jake 

 I rung the door bell and a minute late Jake opened it "WHAT!" he growled "HAVE YOU SEEN AVERY" Hallie yelled "oh so you saw my leaving gift to her" he chuckled so I kicked him where it hurts a man then Hallie punched him in nose."lets bounce" I said then we left "THAT FELT AWESOME!" Hallie grinned ! !I know right"I laughed and we set off home

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