A friendship love story

Lexi and Harry grew up together. But when Harry started having feelings, Lexi Started getting uncomfortable. Through many tragic events, Lexi finds herself in an orphanage at 16. She makes only one friend. Harry totally out of her life. But when hey meet again, will they ever finally realize that theyre ment to be together?


3. The "Good News?"

         As soon as we pull in the drive way, Harry jumps out of his car, opens my door, and flings me over his shoulder. What ever the news was, it was obviously big because i have never seen Harry so excited! He bursts open the door, calmly places me on the couch, pats me on he head, smiles, then runs upstairs to drag him mom down stairs to tell us the news. " Harry! Harry! Harry! CALM DOWN!" His mom screams as Harrys dragging her down the stairs. As soon as she sits down, He runs right back up the stairs. "Ummm...... Whats all this about?" Mrs.Styles asked. "Im not really sure."

About five minuets later, Harry comes flying down the stairs, and trips over his foot. "DAMMIT!" He screams as all the papers hes holding fly everywhere. Once he picked them all up, he sits down in front of us. 

"Mom.....Lexi...... You know how I love to sing right? Its my passion. Well, next week i have an audition. But not just any audition..... I, Harry Edward Styles, Have an audition for the X-Factor!" Harry screams as he hands us the papers. 

"Harry! Im so proud!" Harrys mom and I scream simultaneously. 

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