A friendship love story

Lexi and Harry grew up together. But when Harry started having feelings, Lexi Started getting uncomfortable. Through many tragic events, Lexi finds herself in an orphanage at 16. She makes only one friend. Harry totally out of her life. But when hey meet again, will they ever finally realize that theyre ment to be together?


7. The arrival

                        So Social Services came and picked me up to take me to my new orphanage around 6 am and we got there around 4. Anne was right when she said it was far away. When we finally got there, We pulled up in a parking lot with alot of buildings.  

                        I step out of the car and there were people taking my bags from the trunk as this older lady started to walk up to me and she introduced herself. "Hello Miss! My name is Mrs. Jennings and I am the girls guidance counselor. I will be showing you around today!" She said with an overly excited smile. 

                        She took me into the biggest building on campus and we walked in and there was a desk right in the middle of the room with couches and a kitchen and right behind it was a huge room with alot of teenagers in it. "This is the main lobby, and right there is the kitchen. Every day you come here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And right behind the lobby is the lounge. The lounge closes at midnight and opens at 6 everyday. no exceptions. To left is the girls side. To the right, is the boys side. There will be NO going over to the right. None. Down the hallway on the girls side, theres an elevator that takes you to your floor. Your floor assignment is Floor 3 Room 143. Any Questions so far?" That was alot of information to contain. "Uhhh.....Yeah. But whos rooms are those in the elevator hallway?" I asked. "Those are the teachers and floor guardians rooms. Since you have floor 3 You get Mrs. Hood! 


                         Mrs. Jennings took me through the rest of the buildings on campus which was a school building, and a gym. She also told me all the rules which took forever. The place only allows 100 people in here, 50 of each sex, how could there be so many rules? Anyways, Mrs. Jennings introduced me to Mrs.Hood, My floor guardian, and she showed me my room. "This is room 143. Your our 100th orphan so sorry but we have to put you with McKenzie. Shes a little angel but shes also little." She pauses to giggle at her little 'Joke.' "McKenzie is 8 years old. But there is noway on earth you wont love her." 

                        She was right. Over the next year, McKenzie was my only friend at the orphanage. 

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