A friendship love story

Lexi and Harry grew up together. But when Harry started having feelings, Lexi Started getting uncomfortable. Through many tragic events, Lexi finds herself in an orphanage at 16. She makes only one friend. Harry totally out of her life. But when hey meet again, will they ever finally realize that theyre ment to be together?


2. Sweet Sixteen!

              "Get your fat lazy ass out of bed!" 

Ahhh, the soothing words of my best friend first thing in the morning. "Harry calm down. Its Saturday, remember?" I reply as Harry violently shakes the bed beneath me. "Yes, I know its Saturday. But Its also our Birthday!! SO GET UP!" He screams now hitting me with a pillow. You see, after my parents were taken, I had no where else to go, so Harrys mom took me in. Sweet right? 

"Come on! We finally get to drive our new cars without mom! Lets go to the mall! Or the beach! Or Paris!" Harry shrieked. "Dont get to carried away now , Harry." Harrys mom said as she walked passed our door. "I expect you to watch out for him now wont  you lexi?" "Yes, You can count in me Mrs.Styles!" "Now how many times have i told you to just call me mom?" Mrs.Styles laughed and walked away. The problem is, I dont want to call her mom. No one can ever replace her. I just cant tell Mrs.Styles that.

Harry and I got showered and dressed and we got in our cars and headed to the mall. I was so excited because I had an amazing idea for harrys birthday present! When we arrive at the mall, We meet up with some of our friends, Catherine, Brandon, and Lillie. They were already told about harrys present and knew what to do. Brandon distracted harry as me and the girls sneak away and take Harrys car to an automobile shop. 

When we pull back into the mall parking lot, harry was standing outside, looking totally pissed. "Why the hell did you take my car?" As he was finishing his sentence, I turned on the new systems we got installed into the car. Harry totally flipped! He loved it! 

"We have to get home becuase i have a surprise for you and mom!" 

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