A friendship love story

Lexi and Harry grew up together. But when Harry started having feelings, Lexi Started getting uncomfortable. Through many tragic events, Lexi finds herself in an orphanage at 16. She makes only one friend. Harry totally out of her life. But when hey meet again, will they ever finally realize that theyre ment to be together?


6. Good bye

                  It had already been a rough week but it was about to get worse. Alot worse. 



        "Lexi, Can you come down stairs?" Anne asked. I came down the stairs and sat next her on the couch. I could tell this wasnt going to be good from the look  in her eyes. I looked around and saw a present wrapped. Uh-Oh. This had to be bad. when ever Anne has bad news, She always gets me an expensive present to make me feel better. "Open it." She handed me the heavy , wrapped box. The better the present, the worse the news. I opened it and it was a beautiful new pink and black zebra stripped suitcase. 

          "Look, today i got fired from my job and I dont have anymore money coming in. I promised social services that if I was to keep you, I would have to have a job and if I didnt...." She trailed off. My mind was everywhere. What was going to happen?

          "I have to send you to an orphanage. Its far away, but ill come visit as much as I can I promise!" I couldnt speak. I couldnt believe anything she was saying. All I did was sit there, with my jaw hanging to the floor. "Im so sorry. You know I love you. Im just trying to do the best thing I can for you." She motioned up the stairs. "Better start packing, Social Services will be picking you up in the morning." Anne stood up and walked to her room crying. I slowly got up and dragged myself up stairs. 

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