A friendship love story

Lexi and Harry grew up together. But when Harry started having feelings, Lexi Started getting uncomfortable. Through many tragic events, Lexi finds herself in an orphanage at 16. She makes only one friend. Harry totally out of her life. But when hey meet again, will they ever finally realize that theyre ment to be together?


1. Best friend back round

        Harry and I have always been together! Our moms were best friends and they ended up having me and harry on the same day, just minuets apart! Harry was born 5 minuets before I was. And he never lets me forget that. We went to the same day-cares  babysitters, and did the same sports together. When we were old enough to go to school, we went to the same schools together too! Me and Harry were always with each other. Everyone thought we were related! If someone wanted to invite me to a party, they knew he was coming along. I mean, we were really a packaged deal. Get one, and you get the other. Through elementary, we were as close as can be. But in junior high, when harry started hitting puberty and started liking me more then a friend, I started to feel uncomfortable. Me and harry started drifting away from each other and we didnt really talk anymore. 



           Our freshman year in highschool, my mother passed away of breast cancer and i was devastated. As soon as Harry heard about the news, he was right by my side. I didnt want to talk to any of my other friends. All i wanted was to be with Harry. We became best friends again. He made everything better. It was just like old times again!  


            About a year after my moms passing, My father was arrested for illegal drug abuse. He was going through a depression and i guess he used drugs to feel better. But what was I gonna do? Where am I gonna go? 

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