Broken Pixels

I recently had a conversation with my lovely girlfriend about short stories. I was able to tell her of my older stories and how shit they were :| Anyway, she had the amazing idea of me trying to write a new one. Half an hour later I had a brainfart and figured out what I had wanted to write about. This short story has no plan, I had no intention of sharing it with you guys, it was sorta something for her eyes only but I actually rather enjoyed writing the first part of it :) Enjoy and tell me what you think of it


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Oh shit! Oh crap! How am I going to get out of this? I’m going to die here, aren’t I? He started sobbing into his free sleeve, unleashing a wave of tears held back for years. He cried over the loss of his grandparents, he cried over the loss of his pet dog Lucy and he cried over the loss of his old game cartridges. Suddenly the walls around him started to shake uncontrollably, like a force was propelling them towards the ground, towards him. The shaking of the walls was enough to dislodge the fallen plate that he was trapped under and he gulped in large breaths of synthetic air created by the false atmosphere. After the shaking had subsided he struggled to his feet and leant his weight on a dislodged metal pole left from the command module. He tried calling for help but heard no sound escape from his mouth. Am I deaf? I could hear every other sound but... Why not my voice? The truth was that he had lost his ability to speak; he denied it as much as he could but he couldn't escape the reality of it. The ship started shaking violently again and he heard the scraping of metal on metal; the shaking was enough to throw the frail Private back to the ground right onto his collarbone. He let out silent screams of pain and cursed the skies until he was red in the face despite not a single word leaving his throat. The pain was so intense that he passed out...


He was being dragged when he awoke, dragged by some weird humanoid creature; It had it's hand-thing grasped firmly around the Private's collar and was not letting go for anything. Occasionally it would look back at its captive and shake its head-thing, as if it were disappointed with the organism it had captured. It had noticed that he was awake now; it stopped dragging him through one of the service corridors that wasn't on fire and propped him against a metal railing. "Private Grey? Can you hear me? Was your hearing unit destroyed in the attack?" In the dim light of the service corridor Private Grey could see that the humanoid was covered in body armour from head-thing to foot-thing; on its helmet was a large handprint made by the soldier wearing it. This one obviously wasn't very bright as he had put his handprint right over his visor, limiting his vision significantly. "Cat got your tongue, sir?" It joked, "sorry but can you really not talk? That sucks." Yes, it sucks. Now can we please just leave? Private Grey rose to his feet but was still a good 3 feet shorter than the humanoid. "I'm Raax but you can call me Raax." I was right, he really isn't the sharpest knife in the block. It held out a hand-thing and Private Grey shook it. "I know exactly who you are, Private Grey. I had one of your old comic books back at the station. Anyway let's get you on our ship, you can hitch a ride to the nearest space station if you want." Private Grey nodded his head. "Alright! We're in business!" And with that Private Grey followed Raax onto the ship.


Raax's ship was in just as bad a state as the ship before was. Wires were protruding from the walls, sparks were flying everywhere and moisture was rich in the air. "Take a seat in there," Raax said, pointing to a medical room, "I'll be in in a second." Private Grey walked carefully into the alien medical room, examining all of the equipment on the trays next to the bed. There was a huge jolt as the engines kicked into gear and at least 9Gs of force were pushed out from the engines, sending him flying backwards and knocking him out cold.


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