Me, Myself and Harry Styles

Ella Hope Flowers has always had hope that things would get better. She had always been positive, she had always looked at the glass half full. When she meets somebody she hasnt seen in a long time, will her feelings trigger? Or will she keep to herself, which is how shes been trying to live her whole life?


2. Soaked

"Nobody will ever love you! Your an obstacle, in the way. People stop to look and touch, but none never really stay." Harry shouted at me.I looked at the him, a light layer of tears forming.

"Then how come, ever single time you saw me you told me you loved me?" I asked, already knowing his answer.

"I never really did!" He replied, I rolled my eyes, knowing that was the answer he would state. After all, they all stated it.

"Then why did you date me? The girl nobody would ever love?" I retorted, my fists clenching at my sides.

"First, I was dared. Second, I felt bad for you!" He said, anger blended into his voice. I have to admit. That did take a pretty big blow. Out of all my breakups I never heard those two reasons. And because of those two reasons, I never loved again.


*Two years later*

I ran around the yard, water splattering upon my skin. I laughed as I sprayed water from the watergun, hitting his chest. Let me explain. I'm dating a guy, now hold on a  minute. I did say I could never love again. I never actually told this guy that I love him though. Im waiting to see if he's really worthy of hearing those three words that came from my heart and held so much meaning.

"Jake!" I shouted, laughing as water dripped down my shirt. He had caught up behind me. I tried running faster but he stayed glued behind me. Soon enough my body made impact with the earth as jake tripped over practically nothing, tumbling over and on top of me. We stopped tumbling around.

I laid on the grass, soaked. My shirt now see-through leaving my bathing suit top to be exposed to any passers. Jake hovered above me, suppotring himself with one arm. He smiled down at me as I gave a small smile back. He leaned down for a kiss, as he reached a few inches away, I brought my watergun up and squirted him on his head. He pulled his head up.

"Your a sneaky one arent you?" Jake said, smiling evilly down at me. I stuck my tongue out, doing my own little dance before we ran around the yard for yet another round of soak the other! I heard a knock on the window, a perfect oppurtunity for Jake to get his revenge. To my disfortune, he did. As my mother signalled for us to come in, water soaked the crown of my head. I laughed, running inside where we had to stop and dry off.

He followed not far behind me, laying his gun on the front step as I had.

"Okay, I'm going to take a shower, be right out babe!" I said, sprinting up to my en-suit.

Without another second of silence the water was running. I stripped form my soaked clothes as the mirror began to condensate. I quickly got into the shower, pulling the curtain shut. I rinsed my body of any dirt I might've attracted from our vigorious little session.

I ran my fingers through my soaped hair, massaging my scalp. I let the water rinse any traces of soap of my body and my hair. As quick as I got in, I got out. I took a big fluffy towel and wiped myself dry. I pulled on some white jean shorts and a crop top that said

wont stop til we surrender

on it with the large black star above it. I slipped into my big white slippers and draped my towel in both of my hands. I walked out of my en-suit, out into my bedroom. From there I entered the hallway, my head cocked to the side as I rubbed the towel around my hair. I carefully walked down the stairs to see Jake waiting at the front door.

"Took you long enough!" Jake teased, smirking at me. I playfully returned his comment with a stick of the tongue. He smiled, possessing my hand and walking me out into the yard. It was nearing dark, and Jake and I both knew what that meant. Tomorrow would be our first day at Autumn Hills college.

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