Is this really happening?

Hannah and her friend Sydney are major beliebers. Will one phone call change there lives forever?


1. What just happened

Hannah's POV

   It was about 2:00 PM on a Thursday. Sydney (My best friend) and I were on our way home from the beach.  We were going to stay until Friday but things didn't turn out they way we planned.  Boy are we tired. I think I got burned in places you never thought you could get burned.  Anyway, We have the windows down jamming to Boyfriend.

   Don't get me wrong, I am tired. But when Justin Bieber comes on the radio... I am a whole new person.  Me and Sydney are MAJOR Beliebers.

   After Boyfriend was done playing, The DJ on the radio said "Want a chance to win a meet and greet to Justin Bieber's Concert tomorrow?" Me and Sydney look at each other and yell "YESSSS!". The DJ came back on and said "Be caller 104 and you will win. All you have to do is call 530-123-4567.  Instantly, Sydney and I pick up our iPhones and nervously call the number. No answer. I call again and it starts ringing.  I suddenly hear a voice say "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE CALLER 104! Whats your name and where are you from?". I froze.  It felt like my heart stopped.

   Am I dreaming?



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