Is this really happening?

Hannah and her friend Sydney are major beliebers. Will one phone call change there lives forever?


3. The details

Hannah's POV

   Sydney gets off of the phone and tells me everything the DJ told her.  "He said the concert is tomorrow, June 7th, at 7:00PM. If you want to go to the meet and greet that starts at 5:30PM. For the concert, you are in Row 2, seat 12 and 13. They are only giving you two tickets." she told me. Then she added, "Oh, and the concert is at The Staples Center."  I was thinking to myself for a while.  Thank God I live in Long Beach which is only about 30 minutes from LA.  Today is the best day ever.



Justin's POV

FINALLY!  We just landed in Los Angeles, California.  I have missed this place so much.  I finally get to sleep in my own bed, see all of my friends, and just chill.  I have a concert tomorrow at The Staples Center and I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.  The first thing I do when I get home is tweet to my beautiful beliebers. "@justinbieber: You don't know how great I feel to be back." After I tweet, I plan on taking a long nap.  Its exhausting traveling and doing concerts about every day.  Today is going to be, as they call it "Rest Day."

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