Is this really happening?

Hannah and her friend Sydney are major beliebers. Will one phone call change there lives forever?


2. I can't believe this

Sydney's POV

   I look over at Hannah and I see tears in her eyes.  I ask "Hannah? Are you okay?". She started screaming.  I instantly knew that she was caller 104. OH MY GOD! MY BESTRIEND IS CALLER 104! I started screaming with her.  Both speechless, The DJ was still on the phone saying "Hello?...Hello?..". Seeing Hannah bawl her eyes out, I took the phone and answered all the questions from her point of view.

  Hannah's POV

   Sydney took my phone out of my hand and answered the questions I obviously couldn't answer myself for me.  It felt like this is all a big dream.  Is this happening?  I started slapping my self noticing that I am actually going to meet Justin Bieber.  HOLY CRAP! I AM GOING TO MEET THE JUSTIN BIEBER WITH MY BEST FRIEND.  Can my life get any better?

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