adopted by one direction

A girl named Giselle in love with harry shes 11 and has a lot in store for her in braford London


1. truly madly deeply un expecting

Hello my name is Giselle im in  a small orfanige in new york (sorry if I spell wrong im 11 lol) but I was on the slide with me bestie Ashaly she was the only one who's nice here . But im mishtivios potato to so I shouldnt be talking.  So any way im a ultimate directioner im a harry girl :) she is a liam girl ;) so all of a sudden the queen B appear's our orfanige mother  she started scholding us for breaking the rules no slide unless your younger than 10 -.- . Than I noticed 5 really hot teen age boy's than I noticed there 1D . So than I said to the mistress to shut up all ready louis yelled I like girls who eat carrot's. I laughed than harry looked at the boy's and they walked over and huddled and walked back to us zayn said were ready to leave 

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