adopted by one direction

A girl named Giselle in love with harry shes 11 and has a lot in store for her in braford London


2. my new parent's :) =) :D

 Zayn said  there ready to leave from touring but than louis said but not with out this young chum louis said the mistress  gasped you dont want this one, oh yes we do said liam okay than she looked sad and said get to know each other ill go get her paper's . As she walked away I jumped into harry's arms and yelled thank you and a tear rolled down my cheek liam wiped them away and said no problem.


                   *40 minutes later*



Gigi hurry up ar they will leave you said mistress but liam came up with harry you okay gigi harry said yeah im sad I have to leave my little liam girl my besties face looked like a firetruck liam smirked at her than she got even redder okay bye  girl I said yeah okay I slid my neclace I said remember me she said she will I gave her 1 last hug and left. 

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