adopted by one direction

A girl named Giselle in love with harry shes 11 and has a lot in store for her in braford London


3. hazza secret

We were sitting in akward silence sence after louis told harry I was a harry girl I so hate him as now im embarrased to speak Louis broke the silence so Giselle you hapy to be adopted by your lover as louis looked at harry and than me liam made louis stop and said to harry be lucky this one liked you hazza said I am happy she likes me because I will spoil this one harry looked at me I smirked and  giggled harry started tickling me and I laugh jusy like harry and he said god danget you are a harry girl I smiled and started asking me question's about him I got them all right. Were here said harry louis had to be sarcastic and say nooo....were at Justin beber's house.

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