my ana story (fake)

A girl named Heather was a good girl all threw out 9th grade but when she switches schools she gets bullied.. Shes called fat ugly and fake.. What happens to heather when they found out her storie.. Will justic be taken or well heathers "storie" be put on mute??


1. Who am I?

Who Am I?.. Im nothing but that voice in your head telling yourself If you get thinner you will be more like able ..If they hear your storire youll be better.. Its just a little BLOOD it wont hurt you.. It will take the pain away.. Oh my name is ANA..Im the girl in YOUR head in your body that tells you you're never gonna be good enough unless your thin enough.. I've token over 1000 girls has one been you? One's been heather Banks.. A girl whos been bullied about the girl who cries herself to sleep a girl who bleeds just to know shes alive.. The girl who under estamates the powers I have on efect of her mind.. I can easily make her hate herself .. In a snap of my fingers it can all go down.. Or could i just spear her with the hope she has.. to think she will be okay.. Is a lie..She thinks it will all pass over but the harm she has done to herself.. Will never go AWAY.. The Pain inside her.. Will make her loved ones sufer.. For years months and decads.. Im Ana and this is how I taken her away.. Now who is Heather Banks..

Heather Banks.

Hi Im Heather, Im 15 and turining to 16.. Im 5'2 and I weight 60 pounds.. sad huh? Oh I know Im fat so please dont tell me damn your fat! Cause I get that all the time.. I've been Ana for 5 years.. And emo for about 7.. I've failed suicide 50 times and Im 15 really.. I have brown hair.. Pale skin.. RIbs and all show..I have to wear lond sleeves all the time so my war scars wont show.. Though everyone knows I do cut.. I mean its so easy to know..I've been silent for a while now at school... My Mom doesnt notice nor does my dad, Will my dad wouldnt know.. He is in prison for abusing me... It sucks.. But thats my life and thats me and always will be..

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