my ana story (fake)

A girl named Heather was a good girl all threw out 9th grade but when she switches schools she gets bullied.. Shes called fat ugly and fake.. What happens to heather when they found out her storie.. Will justic be taken or well heathers "storie" be put on mute??


2. What affect does she have?


If you still dont believe the effect i have on poeple and NO its just not on girls I can EFFECT girls and boys.. Why do I take over them?? Will they dont think their good enough for everyone but they WILL NEVER be good enought to make me pleased..Just like you.. Who knows you could be next? But the effect i have on anyone is.. BAD..I can take this beautiful girl and turn her into BONES... Why? I have know reason to think of.. but heres Heather's storie of what I made of her..


The effect she has on me? Well im skin and bones.. Nothing but all cuts sand brusies.. Blood and dryed up blood.. Broken heart and a Broken storie.. A head filled up with lies and a heart that has died.. The pncce happy soul of Heather Banks now a dead soul.. My mother doesnt care anymore...My mom just stays in her room.. Doesnt say Te amo brezo

Or that means I love you in english.. Yes im part Spanish... But the effects are bad you lose all your friends.. You hurt your loved ones but manily.. YOU CAN NEVER GET RID OF ANA! No matter how hard you try she will still be in the back of your head saying your fat go die.. You can never please her intill your DEAD thats the whole point of ANA she doesnt care for you she wont you to die thats why she eats your from the inside out... She doesnt care she dont.. So dont make her feel the pain since shes inside you.. You'll just feel the pain... INstead of her face it you cant win the battle..No one can.. Only ana can.. And thoes ae her effect on you..

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