Carefully Kidnapped

My name is Lexi. I am 13 years old. One day. I was walking to the bus stop. I looked over back to wave goodbye to mom and i saw a face, someone behind the house staring, straight at me. I then knew. Something was going to happen. And i couldn't control it.


5. Trap

"Be quiet and follow me." I whispered to Eryka.

We tip-toed up a flight of stairs. Praything these were the right ones because there were so many.

We got to the top and heard someone yelling.

"What's going on?" Eryka asked.

"Shh!" I ordered, "I'm trying to listen."

I peeked my eyes around the corner to see the people yelling.

"You are so stupid!" The man slapped a girl.

I then relized it was Arlo slapping one of the other girls.

"I didn't do anything wrong! It's your fault i'm here!" The girl screamed.

Arlo punched her, knocking her out.

I turned to Eryka, "It's Arlo hitting another girl."

"Like he did me." Eryka said.

"We gotta help her some how." I knew.

"How? Arlo will kill us if he knows we got loose!" She cried.

I bit my lip, "Were gonna half to do something we just can't let those other girls be hit like that."

I looked around.

"Hey you see that bar hanging from the celling?" I asked.

"Yeah." Eryka answered.

"What if I grab it and smack Arlo with it? Then we can grab the others and get out of here before anything worse happens to the all of us? Hm?"

"It's risking but it might just work." Eryka agreed.

"Okie dokie." I smiled.

I walked over and ripped the bar from the celling. Surprisingly it made no sound.

"Here goes nothing." I sighed.

I creeped up behind Arlo who was still yelling and hitting on that girl.

I closed my eyes and hit him in the back of the head with the bar as hard as i could.

I opened them and he fell to the ground.

A pool of blood formed under his body.

"It was nice knowing you Arlo." I smacked him one more time. "Just kiddin"

I turned and looked at the girl he was hitting.

"Hi." I breathed.

She stood up slowly, "Who are you?"

"I'm Lexi, this is Eryka. Were going to help you and the others get out of this mess." I told.

"Lexi look!" Eryka pointed at a man running down the hall and down a differnt flight of stairs.

"Who's that?" I asked the girl.

"That's one of Arlo's helpers." She said.

"Crud we better go after him before he tells someone Arlo is dead and 3 girls got loose." I started running after him.

The other two followed.

We got down the steps and continued running after him.

He ran outside and jumped in the back of a big white van.

We jumped in after him.

The van doors slammed shut.

"Girls... I think were trapped." I told banging on the van door.

We felt a jolt and we all fell to the floor.

"The van is in motion." The girl whispered.

"By the way we never got your name what is it?" I asked.

"Quinn." She responded.

The man we followed came out of the darkness.

"Hello girls." He said in a creepy voice.

"Whats going on?" I demanded to know.

"You girls were fooled. So easily." He taught us.

"What do you mean?" Quinn wondered.

"Arlo knew you'd escape. He knew you'd want to save the other girls. What he didn't know was that he'd be outsmarted for once and get killed by some child." The man started off, "So some friends and i came up with a split second plan."

"What is this 'plan' of yours?" I remarked.

"This van your on now." He trailed off.

"Continue." I said.

"It's on its way right now to Canada. And from then we'll be going to Paris. Where all the girls that are lucky enough to live as long as you 3 did are sold to our pen pals from other countries." He finished.

I ran up to him, i was going to smack him with the bar i still had gripped in my hands. But, before i could he pulled out a gun.

"Stop right where you are or i will shoot you dead." He said.

I stopped. Dropped the bar and went back to Eryka and Quinn and sat between them.

"Well this. Sucks." I told myself.

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