Carefully Kidnapped

My name is Lexi. I am 13 years old. One day. I was walking to the bus stop. I looked over back to wave goodbye to mom and i saw a face, someone behind the house staring, straight at me. I then knew. Something was going to happen. And i couldn't control it.


8. Failed Escape

I walked down the street we crashed on. Pretty much isolated except for on occasion a few wolf howls.

I was walking back the way we came from. Hoping to get back into town and be found and see my family again.

And tell Quinn and Eryka's family that the search is over. That their dead.

It killed me each time those words echoed in my head their dead.

It was about 2 hours later. I was exhausted and finally came to a building i reconized.

I walked inside. It was the place i was taken when i was kidnapped.

I should find those other girls. I thought.

I walked up the stairs. Slowly and quietly. I peeped my head around the corner. Noone in sight, I went to the first door i saw and unlocked it, noone was in there.

I bit my lip nervously.

"Something isn't right.." I thought to myself.

"Get her!" Someone screamed.

Next thing i knew, someone pushed me into the room and locked the door.

"No!" I yelled in frustrasion. I banged my fist on the door.

"Let me out of here!" I demanded.

"Crap." I sighed and flopped on the bed.

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