Carefully Kidnapped

My name is Lexi. I am 13 years old. One day. I was walking to the bus stop. I looked over back to wave goodbye to mom and i saw a face, someone behind the house staring, straight at me. I then knew. Something was going to happen. And i couldn't control it.


3. Dreaming

"My dad will find you!" I screamed.

"I don't think he will sweat heart. I have 3 other girls here, they haven't been found for 6 years. Wish your daddy good luck for me." He walked out and slammed the door shut.

I clenched my eyes shut.

A tear peeked through and ran down my cheek. This is just a dream. It's just a dream. Just a dream. I layed back on the bed and kept my eyes closed. I soon drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed of my parents. When I was little and we'd go on walks my dad always held my left hand and my mother held my right. They'd lift me up and swing me around. I remember when i would stand on my dad's feet and grab his hands and we'd dance to Elvis Presley's hound dog song.

The next thing i saw in my dream, We were all sitting on the couch, my dad had his arm around my mother and i sat criss-cross texting on my galaxy S captivate cell phone.

"Hey Lexi" My dad asked for me.

I lifted my head up. I saw two skeletons sitting there. They both turned their heads towards me and screamed a bloody murder scream and their jaws streched out.

I sat up. Being jerked back by the handcuff.

"Oh." I was relivied, "Just another one of those dreams Lexi calm down."

Arlo walked back in, "Hey sugar you okay?"

"I'm fine just had a nightmare go away." I barked.

"Whatever." He snapped back and closed the door.

I listened closely. I heard him locking the door back up. He's using a key. I heard a slight click sound above the door.

I smiled feindishly. I knew how to unlock the door. But now i half to figure out how to get out of these handcuffs.

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