Carefully Kidnapped

My name is Lexi. I am 13 years old. One day. I was walking to the bus stop. I looked over back to wave goodbye to mom and i saw a face, someone behind the house staring, straight at me. I then knew. Something was going to happen. And i couldn't control it.


7. Back Home...

Back at home my mother and father had called the cops every night hoping for some more information about me.

But everynight they got the same answer, "We haven't found anything."

My mother had invited all the family over to stay until i was found.

Dead. Or alive.

"Jason what if Lexi is never found!" My mom asked my dad everynight before they went to bed.

"I'll do something about this Rebecca dont worry." He assured her.

The next morning my dad got up at about 4:30.

He grabbed his gun. And went to the schools bus barn.

"I would like to see the video tape of the morning my daughter was taken from the bus." He asked.

They let him take the tape back to the police station.

He and his partner watched the tape and got a clear view of the face that took me.

"Bingo." my dad said and printed off a picture, "Figure out who this is. I want to know in one hour you hear me?" He told his partner.

"Yessir." His partner went off to the lab.

My dad flopped down in his desk chair and put his hands on his forehead and pushed his hair back. Will i ever find my daughter?

"Yes. Yes i will." He told himself as he stood back up, "Nick! I want those results in 5 minutes!"

"Sir theres no way thats physicaly possible our computers-" He was interupted.

"You will get it done in 5 minutes or your fired. Were finding my little girl if its the last thing i ever do. You understand me?" He snapped.

"Yessir." His partners voice shook.

My dad smiled. Determined to find me.

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