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Becca always thought Justin Bieber was a stuck up famous person. But when they have to "fake" date will she think wrong?


1. AMA's

I was getting my makeup done. Ready to perform at the AMA's. Yep, im famous. VERY famous. Not as famous as Justin Bieber. Ew that jerk. Don't even get me started. "Becca your on!" I hopped out of my chair. I walked on stage acting like I was the "it" of the show.

"When your ready come and get it

na na na na na na na

When your ready come and get it!

you aint gotta worry its and open invitation!

Ill be waitin right here real patient!"

( I know its Selenas but I love that song and I thought I use it! Don't freak!)

"BECCA I LOVE YOU!!!" "Love you too!" I  said Into the mic as I got off the stage. I go back to my seat and just my luck Justin  is seated right next to me. He gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 'GOOD JOB BABE!" Oh HELL no. "BABE?!? LISTEN YOU LITTLE BOY I AM NO ONES BABE AND SURELY NOT YOURS! SO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" I yell. "Ill explain later" He whispers. "Just play along.. PLEASE!" "fine"

"And the award to the best male artist is..... JUSTIN BIEBER!!"

He gets up from his chair and kisses me..EEWW! Ughhh worst day EVER! But remember Becca just play along. He brings me up with him. Oh great.

Justins Speech

" I want to thank everyone at the business. Scooter Braun, Usher, Carley Rae, and my beautiful girlfriend Becca. This award isn't for me. This award is for my beliebers. Without them I wouldn't be here. I also want to thank God. Mom, dad, Jazzy , Jaxon I love you. Im only 19 years old and I am doing pretty good. Don't believe all the Bull you hear on the dumb tv shows. Love you guys!"


That was a really good speech.. He grabs my hand and we go backstage to drop off the trophie. We head back to our seats.


"And the best female artist goes to............... REBECCA GRANDE!!"

I couldn't believe it. I get up and to be polite I kiss Justin and bring him up with me.

Becca's speech

" Oh my gosh. Thank you all so much. Uhm I want to thank everyone in the buissness. Scooter Braun, Justin Timberlake, and most of all Dan Kanter. I also want to thank a guy that is really special in my life, Justin Bieber! I love you Justin. I want to thank all my beautiful Angels. This award is ours. Without my beautiful fans I wouldn't be here! Thank you so much!"


The award show ended and I won 5 awards, Justin won the rest. Usher called both of us down to the meeting room.

"So we have to tell you something.." "Alright spit it out I have to get my nails done" "You and Justin have to fake date." "WHAT! NO I AM NOT DATING THAT JERK YOU CALL AN ANGEL! NOT IN 1 MILL-" "Wait theres more.. you have to live with eachother for 2 years.." "NO" "Do it for the Angels.." "Fine. ONLY FOR THEM."


So that's the first chapter(: hope you all like it!

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