On the run (A Temple Run Fan Fiction)

We have all played Temple Run. Well what if Guy Dangerous only wanted to swap his life for just as little as a day in our world? What if the monkeys invented him a Birthday present that can do just that? and What if there was the risk that if whilst he was gone the app could update leaving him human and the girl he swaps with a fictional character in a game? Would he take the risk? and if so what would happen?


3. Who's at the door?

Guy's POV


I had to think of a plan, and fast. Another knock came 'Gary, are you okay?, can I come in?'.

Gary?, I thought the girl that lived here was Katie. Yet, if I now no longer need a way to sound and look like...well...a girl. I cleared my throat 'Yeah....Uh.. come in'

A lady stepped through the door and gave me a peculiar look, 'Hi sweetie, what in worlds name are you wearing?, will your friends not laugh at you?' her voice was rough and angry, yet concerned at the same time..... WHO WAS THIS WOMAN?


Katie's POV


I was speechless, absolutely speechless. There were about a hundred maybe thousand of round, white, eyes staring at me. I think we were all still startled from my scream earlier, yet no one had spoken a word for what felt like hours, we were all sitting in silence, just staring at each other, as if we were playing whoever breaks the sugar bowl.

'oo ah, Hello Katie, I am the monkey King, of whom this Temple belongs too. Would you like my people to briefly explain what has happened, why it has happened and so on?' he didn't have a fancy crown or anything that you would expect a king to have, but he looked much more taller,stronger and violent, almost as if, if he was the type that would have to attend anger management classes.

'Ye...yes p...p.please' I nodded, a little taken aback from the whole situation and a little frightened.


A/N- sorry its short just I was just wanting to update and get more of the story told so I know it's taking a little bit to unfold I mean third chapter and like hardly anythings happened... WHATS THAT ABOUT? anyways comment and vote :D 




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