On the run (A Temple Run Fan Fiction)

We have all played Temple Run. Well what if Guy Dangerous only wanted to swap his life for just as little as a day in our world? What if the monkeys invented him a Birthday present that can do just that? and What if there was the risk that if whilst he was gone the app could update leaving him human and the girl he swaps with a fictional character in a game? Would he take the risk? and if so what would happen?


2. What?...Where?

Katie's POV


Did I just faint?, I wasn't feeling ill nor faint like, so how?, why?. I feel a soft, cold breeze hit my face, sending a chill through me. I wanted to open my eyes and close that blasted window, but I didn't have the strength. I felt weak, almost lifeless. Maybe this is all a dream, and I fainted from exhaustion, you know how exhausting playing a game (for what feels like a few minutes can actually turn out to be a few hours) can be. 

A sharp, ice cold, wind hit my face blowing my hair partly over my face, I shivered before commanding my hand to clear my face. I felt more aware, but my eyelids still heavy as a tonne. 

'oo oo ah ah, it worked!' exclaimed a voice, it sounded excited and desperate.

'ah ah ah ah ah ah oo oo oo oo' that was a strange noise for a crowd to make, normally they would scream or chant but not howl like monkeys.

Wait, last time I checked I was in my room, not at some concert, was I in a hospital?, but wait one of them mentioned something had worked, what had worked?

I felt myself slowly becoming more alert, more aware, I decided to investigate, see where I was. I sat up, forcing my eyes to spring open.

I sat bewildered, shocked, horrified. I let out a loud scream.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAA' , I couldn't believe who were talking, it finally made sense, the strange cheering noises that sounded like a monkeys cries, they were monkeys, and not just any monkeys, but what looked like the ones from Temple Run.


Guy's POV


I could no longer hear the screeches of worried monkeys in my head. Had I been reprogrammed?, had I been reset? I opened my eyes to realise I was no longer inside the Temple, but a place I had never been. The walls were pale brown, with cream curtains, there was a poster up of some boys, it said One Direction, who are they? Then on the door was a sign saying Katie.

It had worked, but hold on a minute what about her parents? that's the monkeys for you, come up with brilliant plan and end up having messed the whole thing up, great.

There was a knock at the door, I panicked, I searched the room for an answer, who was at the door?, and what would theydo if they see that I'm NOT Katie?


A/N- Hey um well I kind of left Guy's in a cliffhanger so that you guys would kinda be like wait what? the monkeys messed up well what is gonna happen? hmmm maybe Police? or maybe I have a plan 3:) or maybe you guys wanna comment who you think is at Katie's bedroom door and what you think will happen if Guy opens it orrr if they just walk in... I'll try to update ASAP!


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