On the run (A Temple Run Fan Fiction)

We have all played Temple Run. Well what if Guy Dangerous only wanted to swap his life for just as little as a day in our world? What if the monkeys invented him a Birthday present that can do just that? and What if there was the risk that if whilst he was gone the app could update leaving him human and the girl he swaps with a fictional character in a game? Would he take the risk? and if so what would happen?


4. An Explanation

Katie's POV

After a short, walk through the temple, out the temple and into a 'boardroom' type place. I wasn't sure whether to trust or distrust these monkeys, I mean for all I know they could murder me, but I had no one else to trust. I just wanted to be home in my safe, warm bed.

'Listen, I want to know what's going on here, where am I?, how did I get here?, and...' I couldn't think straight, it was if I had lost my mind, lost my train of thought.

'oo oo, if you would care to take a seat we will kindly explain everything' the king motioned to a stone seat, it looked terribly uncomfortable but I may as well.

I nodded and cautiously walked over to the seat. I was frightened to turn my back on them, incase.... incase... oh I dunno, who was I kidding there was no way I could save myself, I was with them and that was it, I half trusted them so are they good or evil?

'Right-oh-oh, well you know of our game, where Guy Dangerous takes the monkey idol and we chase him. However the case is he actually takes a replica, and we chase him, and pretend to be evil and hate him. Anyway, it's his birthday and he has always wanted at least a day away from this game, a day to be normal, a day where he could play the game as a consumer. Well for his birthday we thought we'd give him that wish, and well we made a machine to swap him with you and well, that's kind of how you ended up here' 

I was shocked, I couldn't speak, I was just....I mean.. this was real? I was in the game? Was this real? Or is it a dream? Hopefully it's a dream, I don't want this to be real, I want this just to be a dream that feels so real it almost IS real.

Guy's POV

That woman left. I mean who was she? she called me Gary, the girl who I was SUPPOSED to swap with was called Katie, I bet the monkeys made a mistake. Right enough the room looked slightly girly, and there were a sign saying Katie's Room.... so what is going on?


A/N - so whatcha think so far, and sorry it took so long to update, I've just started 5th year with 5 highers so REALLY busy. Well let me know what you think and maybe anything you think MIGHT happen and we'll see if my ending is predictable or if it is UNpredictable. Anyways ENJOY, and for those in the competition May the odds be ever in your favour!


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