Secrets Exposed

Alexis seems like a regular girl. But none knows who she really is. No one knows what her secrets are. Her secrets are secrets that can change everything. What will happen when her secrets are exposed? Who exposed her secrets? What are her secrets?


2. my life at school

Alexis' P.O.V

On the first day of school I went into the principals office and he asked me why my parents didn't come with me and what my last name is. I told him my parents are traveling the world for business and my last name is Adams. I have a lot of friends which you might think is a good thing but not for me because they constantly ask where I live. Am I supposed to tell them I leave in a room that's as small as a closet? No that's what I thought.but they never drop the subject my friends are named Jean, Riley, and Sasha. They are all girls. Riley has black hair with dark eyes and she is a guy magnet. Jean has brown hair and brown eyes she also attracts boys but not like Riley and jean also has a lot of friends. Sasha has blonde hair and green eyes. She is sweet therefore a lot of people like to hang out with her. I am well I already told you about me. "Miss Adams" the teacher said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yes?" I say. "I asked you what Paris is famous for?" She answered. "I don't know" I say without thinking. "Well if you were listening you would know. I need to tell your parents about your grades. What is your mothers phone number" uh oh what should I say. "Miss Adams? I am waiting!" The teacher said impatient. "Uhh...

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