"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


47. Chapter 47

Jessicas POV.


"Jess?"Harry asked, we lay sprawled on the grass looking at the stars.

"Yeah" I responded simply.

"I should probably tell you something"

"What is it?" I asked looking at him.

"That night when I came back remember?"He paused.

"Yes I remember"I assured him.

"Well I kinda read that song you wrote"He admitted sheepishly.

"Its ok Haz" I said.


Next Day***

"Im inviting the boys over"Harry called.

"K"I called back simply.


We were sitting watching a movie with the boys and I was sitting between Harry and Louis, on the couch.

Liam sat on the armchair and Niall and Zayn sat on the floor below us.

Hazza went to go make a new batch of popcorn. And I shivered despite the warm atmosphere and the blanket that covered me.

"You cold?"Louis asked turning to look at me.

"Yeah"I admitted.

He put his arm around me and smiled "Better?"

I smiled back and nodded slightly.

I leaned on his chest. He was so warm, wearing his t-shirt and sweatpants and man this boy was a good cuddler.

A few minutes later Haz came in when he saw us he looked hurt. I lifted my head slowly, it suddenly felt wrong.

Haz sat down and Louis looked at me again.

"Why'd you move?"He asked.

"I dont know" I stated quietly.

"Come back"He whispered motioning me and smiling. Oh that smile! I layed my head back on his chest reluctantly. Hewas so warm and thats how he made me feel. WOAH! Stop the train!Am I?Do I?Do I like Louis? I sighed quietly.

Thats when Harry started to speak "Jess can I talk to you for a minute"

"Yeah sure" I said getting up and following him to the kitchen. I sat on the counter while he sat on a chair across from me.

"You and Louis"He asked narrowing his eyes.

"What?NO!"I exclaimed "Why would you think that?"

"I dont know"He sighed "You were cuddling?"He asked it was more of a question than a statement.

"So, I was just cold and we cuddle all the time"I reasoned.

"Yeah but you and Louis arent close like we are" He told me.He had a point.

"I dont know Haz, I was cold, He put his arm around me and I ended up laying my head on him" Wow!This feels weird saying it.

"Its no big deal Jess, really, It would just be weird if my best friends are dating"

"Wellllll were not!"I said and we went back to the couch.


Louis POV.

When Jessica came back with Harry I told her to come back.Harry glared at me and she reluctantly returned to our origanal spot.

"Louis a minute?"Harry motioned. I sighed and got up and walked to the kitchen with Harry.

"Dont touch her"He warned.

"Harry calm down"I said.

"No Louis, do not touch her, do not hurt her and absolutely NO dating her"He warned again.

"Oh I wont her, I think she had enough of that from you"I snapped.

Harry glared at me "Shes my best friend and shes my cousin, and I dont want you hurting her, Shes too amazing for that"

"I know"I said about to add she is amazing but stopping myself.


Harry went to sleep and hour ago and me and Jessica fell asleep in my arms on the couch.I started to carry her to her room when she opened her eyes a little.

"Louis?"She asked.

"Yeah"I said softly carrying her upstairs.

"Can we cuddle?"She asked  half asleep.

"Of course"I smiled.


I lay her down in the guest bed with me and she immediatly scooted over into my arms. She lay her head back on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. We fell asleep soon after. Me?I totally forgot about Harry.


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