"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


27. Chapter 27

Harrys POV.

She replied I smiled not only in the outside but my heart smiled too! She said she felt the same way and nothing could make me happier than to read those five words. Even the lads noticed I was more cheery. Im so far away from Holmes Chapel and I miss Jessica so much. I havent talked to her since she said I feel  the same way which was last night.

Jessicas POV.

I write in my songbook all my feelings Harrys the only one who could hear my songs but not this one;

Your so far away

I sometimes wish you stayed

Here with me


I wish you could spend the night

Instead we fight

This isnt easyyy


I always wish youre here with me

So I could love you and look into your eyes

I always wish your here with me

So we could hug eachother tight

I stopped writing and looked out the window,

"I miss you Harry" I whispered into the cold dark night.

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