"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


23. Chapter 23

Jessicas Pov.

We just sat there all of us. It felt so right we were all friends and even though we just met we were all super close. Zayn and Perrie, Eleanor and Louis, Liam and Dani, Me and Harry, And Selena and Niall.

Zayn and Perrie were throwing eachother in the water. Perrie was screaming and laughing and so was Zayn. Niall and Selena went to go get wood for a fire Dont ask me! I dont know!!! Me and Harry were just talking while I was secretly thinking of a plan to get him in the water. Louis was chasing Eleanor making her eat a carrot. And Dani was looking at Liam with puppy dog eyes telling him over and over that she wanted to go in the ocean. Liam just laughed. Thought of a plan time to put it into action.

"Hey Harry?"


"What is that by the water?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look Harry come with me its some type of creature" I got up and dragged him to the water I got him really close to where the waves were coming up too. And made him bemd down to look at the 'Creature' Then I pushed him in He laughed.

"Oh Jess your going to get it!"

"Oh Yea Harry I wiil!" I said in a mocking voice.

 I ran to Liam and jumped on his back,

"Help Liam Haz is after me" I said.

He started laughing and ran around the beach with me on his back.

"OH Harry!" I scream "IM winning"

"For now Jess" He yelled back catching up to Liam.

"Liam faster" I commanded while pounding my fists on his shoulder. Liam laughed and got closer to the water.

"Im on Harrys side now Jessica" He smirked before throwing me in.

"Oh its oooon! Liam!" I ran after Liam Harry chasing me.

We passed where Danielle was sitting, "Dont just sit there! HELP ME!!!" I scream pulling her up.

Together we chased after the boys and the boys ended up winning. We were all laughing.

"Ok Nice you won!" Dani said to them.

"Sleep with one eye open tonight" I warned them.

"You should" Liam told me I stuck my tongue out at him.

A few minutes later Selena and Niall came with alot of wood.

"I know how to start a fire" NIall said proudly and he got to work.

A few minutes later there was a flame bursting through the wood and the sun was setting peacefully. We all sat around the fire.

"Great! We dont have marshmellows" I said and then groaned.

"No No No Niall here never leaves without his marshmellows" Niall said and then took a huge bag from his pocket. And there we sat 10 best friends eating marshmellows together on the beach laughing could it get any better?

True Kodak moment.

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