"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


20. Chapter 20

Harrys POV.

"Hello" I answered my phone.

"Hi there, am I speaking with Harry Edward Styles?" A ladys voice rang out through the other line.

"Yes, Whos this?" My curiousity won over me.

"Its Bella"

"Um ok"

"Im calling from the X-Factor you will be on the show in two days practice"


"Yes really" She replied in a bored tone she mustve done this a million times.

"Thanks for calling" I said.

"Yeah yeah yeah G'bye"


Ok ive got to go tell Jess what happened wait someones knocking on the door. I went ot go answer it I opened the door before me stood a blonde girl she had pale skin and shiny blue eyes. She looked familiar.

"Hey Im Selena, You must be Harry" She introduced herself.

"Hey, not to be rude or anything but how do you know my name?" I asked as politely as possible, I was confused. A small chuckle escaped her mouth before she replied.

"Im friends with your best friend Jessica, We met cuz my best friend Niall is auditioning too"

"Oh cool" Now I knew who she looked like Niall girl version of Niall.

I pulled out my phone and started to text him.

Me:Just met your 'best friend' Selena

Niall:Dont make fun Harry I bet u have someone like Selena also

Me:Ok calm down I do I have Jessica

Niall:Told ya so

Me:Ok gtg see ya around lad

Niall: K ill call u later

Me:k bye

Nialls POV.

Haha that crazy guy oh Harry its like making fun of yourself you make fun of my best friend and then admit you have one too! Riiiiiing ugh you had to interrupt me I was making fun of Harry in my mind


"Is this Niall James Horan"


"Im calling to say you will be on the X-Factor in two days"

"Ohhhh thats awesome thanks"

"K bye"

"See ya"

I got in YES!!! Well i'll tell Harry later Im gonna call Louis.

Louis POV.

I was texting Eleanor when my phone rang it was Niall.

"Helloooo" I shouted into the phone I could hear Niall laughing on the other line that guy is litterly always laughing like seriously lad.

"Louis guess what? Im going to be on the X-Factor in two days can you beleive it?"

"Thats great lad"

"I know I hope you get in Lou"

"Me too now I have to go Niall bye"


As soon as I hung up the phone it rang again like can you people stop I wanna talk to my girlfreind Oh well.

"Hi" I said into the phone.

"Hello This is Louis William Tomlinson right?"\

"Yeh Its Louis!"

"Well Louis, Your going to be on the X-Factor in two days so get ready"

"Oh can you beleive it my talent strikes again"

The lady laughed on the other line

"Well good luck Louis"

"Thanks bye"


THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMAZING LOUIS!!! I texted Niall quickly to tell him that I got in then I told Harry.

Harrys POV.

Selena left the hotel five minutes ago and I was alone with Jessica I got a text from Louis saying him and Niall both got in! I told Jess that we'll go top the lobby to hang out. We walked out Jessica was wearing gold skinny jeans and a pretty white shirt and cute flats We took the elevator down and walked through the lobby I saw another blonde girl i knew that girl from somewhere then I saw Jess take out her phone and check a picture someone sent her then I remembered Zayn Malik another guy auditioning showed me a picture of that girl her name was Pennie p-pp-p Perrie got it!

I walked over to her,

"Excuse me" I asked her.

She smiled "Yeah"

"Is your name Perrie?"

She looked shocked and a little scared "Uh uhm Maybeee who are you?"

"Theres no need to be scared! Im a friend of Zayn, Zayn Malik"

She looked relieved "Oh nice to meet you i did get pretty scared how many strangers know your name?"

I laughed "Im Harry and this is Jessica my cousin and best friend!"

"Cool...So you guys wanna hang with me tonight come lets get a drink" Perrie said me and Jessica followed her. We decided on coke cuz we werent in the mood for alchol when we were talking and laighing the manager got a microphone and announced

"We will be having a guest dancer tonight, give it up veryone for the one and only Danielle Peazer!" Applause filled the room and a girl with brown curly hair walked on stage she spoke,

"Hi everyone, Id like to dedicate this dance to my boyfriend Liam Payne"

Liam?Liam Payne Liam Payne Its sounded so familiar who was he? I rolled the name around on my toungue,

"Hes auditioning for the X-Factor so I just want to say Good Luck Liam"

Liam! He auditioned like right when I was auditioning He was the responsible one.He was really nice though Im gonna text him I pulled out my phone.

Me:Just met Danielle


Me:Shes performing at our hotel she dedicated her dance to you

Liam:Really?Tell her I say thank you and I love her.

Me:K I'll try


Liams POV.

I loved Danielle she was so beautiful how sweet she dedicated it to me! I told Harry to tell her I love her but i texted her too

'Hey Danielle my friend is watching your show now I love you thanks for dedicating the show to me;)xxx'

******A Few Minutes Later********

I was on my laptop listening to music when I felt my phone buzzing must be Dani

Foreign Number...ok


"Hi there am I speaking with Liam James Payne"

"Yeah...Who am I speaking with?"

"Its Bella Im calling from the X-Factor the show is in two days and youll be in it so practice"

"Ok I really appreciate you calling have a nice day!"

"Ok Liam you too Bye"


I acted so 'Oh thank you sooo much I appreciate it' but in the inside I was screaming I made it I'll show Simon what he missed! In your face Simon! In your face!

I called Harry and told him what happened he said Niall, Louis,And him got in I wondered about hte one obsessed with his hair what was his name ahh Zayn I asked Harry

"Harry what happened to Zayn?" I asked

"Oh Liam I actually dont know im here with his friend I'll ask her"

"Ok Harry I'll talk to you later"

"K bye"

I hung up and and started to think about what I should sing....

Perries POV.

Harry asked me what happened if Zayns gonna be on the show. I honestly didnt know I hope he made it I'll call him now and ask him.

"Hi Zayn"

"Hey Perrie whats up?"

"I actually wanted to ask you if-"He cut me off.

"Perrie can I call you back I have another call?"

"Sure Goo-" I was cut off with the dial tone.

Zayn POV.

Hmm who was calling me whatever,

"Hello, Whos this?"

"Hi this is Bella from the X-Factor, Zayn Jawaad Malik, Correct?"

"Yes its Zayn"

"Well Zayn, You'll be on the show in two days so get ready"

"I will talk to you later"

"Ok bye"

I got on the X-Factor ok I'll go practice wait Perrie I have to call her,

"Hey Perrie?"

"Hi Zayn"

"What do ya wanna ask me?"

"I just wanted to know Im here with your friend Harry?"

"Uhm..." Whos Harry "OH! Yeah tell him I say hi"

"I will but he wanted to know if you'll be on the X-Factor

"Yeah I made it!"

"Oh Zayn thats great! I'll call you tonight for details ok?"

"K bye"


Harrys POV.

Zayn got on the X-Factor so did Liam and Niall and Louis I walked up to Danielle

"hey Danielle?"

"Oh Hi"

"Hi Im Harry Liams friend and this is my best friend Jessica.

"Hi" Jessica said, Danielle replied the same.

"Liam texted me about you Harry" She told me


We talked for a few minutes and Jessica got her number she already got Perries before so we decided to go back to the room it was already 10:00 so we walked back and watched a movie.


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