"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


12. Chapter 12

Haileys POV.

I smoothed out my mint green loose tank and looked in the mirror a mint green top with black leggings. My brown hair in a silky ponytail and my eyes shining with excitement. My light pink lipgloss settled on my lips and my face had a certain radiance to it. I slipped on my black converse finally over both feet since i got my cast off yesterday! I heard a car honk I grabbed my white rhine stoned purse and my phone and rushed downstairs I hugged Kelly and Liz and my parents

"Be careful hun" A deep voice warned me.

"Shes got Harry with her she'll be fine" Kelly reassured them and smiled.Thanks i mouthed to her she smiled. We hugged one more time and it took my aqua blue carry on and wheeled it Harrys mums car. Aunt Anne was going to take us to the airport. Harry was wearing a grey tee shirt and jeans with white converse.

"Hey Jess" He said "Hay" I smiled so did he.

Harrys POV.

When we arrived at the airport we said goodbye to my Mum and went through security check and everything. When we finally got on the plane we sat side by side chatting nibbling twizzlers and munching on chips. We also talked about music and other stuff. When we landed  i unbuckled my seatbelt grinned at Jess and said "Here we are starting are trip to fun"

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