"Hiding your feelings for someone only makes you fall harder for them."
Jessica was happy. That is until the fifth grade, everyone turned their backs on her, her best friend moved away, and she began to get bullied. She had no true friends for comfort, no kind mother for advice, no loving siblings for fun and games. She is alone. Stuck with a crush on her cousin a year and a half older than her. She knows it is wrong, but she cant help her feelings. When a certain contest rises in these families, what happens when shes no longer alone? When Harry discovers her darkest secrets? Will he keep his promises? Will she forgive him?


16. Authors note

Hey everyone first of all thankyou for reading it means alot I really hope your enjoying the story Keep in miind its gonna keep getting better soooo One thing (Cuz youve got that one thing!haha) Can you guys plz comment on my story cuz IDK if ppl like it I want to know if you think its good or even bad id appreciate any other ideas or if some of you can plz comment some names I want to add more ppl in the story! I also am going to try to make LONGER chapters cuz everyone loves loooong chapters!!!

Thanks for reading! love ya!

~Sarah Jessica

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