When the world is thrown into utter choas, people think that zombies are souless, mean, undead creatures with no goal exept to eat living human flesh. Well, this is a zombies point of veiw of the apocolypse. She hopes to one day, prove all of those people wrong.


2. The Start (Or Should I Say End?)

 My life was pretty normal, in my opinon. That was until the Apocalypse happened. I'm talking the Zombie Apocalypse, not a vampire apocalypse, or a werewolf apocalypse. No, a Zombie Apocalypse, with flesh eating 'monsters'. But I'm a zombie and I'm not that bad.....right? Well, it'd be kinda hard to tell since you barely know me. Where are my manners?! My name is Riana Smith and I'm a former Caster (you 'humans' called us witches) and am now a zombie. It sucks, but you get used to it. There is something weird about me though. I'm not as mindless as the rest of the zombies. I mean, i still eat human flesh and stuff, but i can run as fast as a human, I can still type (as you can see). Also i don't just limp along, i still sleep and have dreams, and, the weirdest part, I am only half decomposed, not all the way like the rest of my kind. But let me tell you how this all started. It was a bitter cold Halloween in 2013...


 "MOM!" I cried impatiently, "They're already handing out candy! Come on, we're gonna miss it all!"

"What part of 'I'm coming!' don't you get?" she snapped sa she appeared out of no where, startiling me so that I dropped my cauldron candy bag. I hurried to pick it up and my witch hat fell of. My mom snickered, looking at me scramble to get my falling apart witch costume. I finally got it all and stood up, giving her the evil eye. I saw her muscles stiffen as she collapsed in pain on the floor. I laughed and watched her wriggle like a worm. I have to say, since I had perfected my pain spell, i enjoyed using it on my mean step-mother. I finally thought that she had had enough and stoped the spell. She laid on the ground for a little bit and then stood up, her eyes cold with hate. But no matter how much she hated me, I knew that she couldn't do anything because she was just a mere human. My real mother had died 4 years previously after attempting to bring her mother back with a spell that was too strong for her. It had used up all of her energy and had killed her. I still missed my real mother, espically since dad had gotten remarried to this step-monster. I now had to go to a tutor to teach me magic. It wasn't the same, but he said that i was "his star student and that I was progressing far faster than any other of his pupils." That made me feel better. I had a human brother and a human father. So that made me the only Caster in my family. Anyway! Back to the present. I practically pushed my step-mom out the door so that we could go trick-or-treating. Sure i might be a little 'to old' for trick-or-treating, but i mean, who would turn down free candy, right?!?! So we started around the neighborhood when we heard a scream. Of course, we both rushed over to wear the sound was and saw what i thought was a kid dressed up like a zombie shambling after this woman. She stoped and looked back.

 "Wow! That's a great costume! Your really scared me!" she said walkinf towards where she had dropped her candy. To bad that that was in the direction of the kid so when she passed by him, he actually leaped on her and started eating her! By this time everyone had figured out that it wasn't a costume. The Zombie Apocalypse had started.


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