When the world is thrown into utter choas, people think that zombies are souless, mean, undead creatures with no goal exept to eat living human flesh. Well, this is a zombies point of veiw of the apocolypse. She hopes to one day, prove all of those people wrong.


3. The Field

I grabbed my step-mom's hand and dragged her towards out house. I knew that we were pretty far away, so i took a short-cut through some bushes and a couple of backyards. I had ridin' this path on my bike many times when trying to escape angry neighbors. Let's just say that i wasn't the model child. But anyway, when we finally made it to our house. I opened the front door, turned around a locked it. I also did a spell on the whole house to protect it from zombies. I knew that it was only temporary, so i made a mental note to re-do a more permanent one. I went and banged on my dad's and brother's door telling them that it was an emergency and to come out quickly. My dad, of course, came out immediately to make sure the step-monster (not a real monster, i just call her that) was okay. My 16 year-old brother was in the bathroom talking a dump like always, so he took a little longer to get out. When my whole normal family was there, I explained the situation. My brother didn't believe me though, so he went to open the door to have a look for himself. I was to late to tell him about the field when ZAP! I now had a slightly barbecued brother. 

 "Oh, by the way guys, i put up a force field around the house to protect us..." I said sheepishly.

"Now you tell me!!" my brother yelled at me.

"SHHH! Keep your voice down! The field isn't sound proof yet!" I said urgently.

"Fine!" He whisper yelled.

"You two need to cut it out. We have more important matters to attend to. Zia,"he directed at me, "how long will the force field hold them?

"I'm not sure, it all depends on their numbers and how much they really want to get in."  I said.

"Well, since they are ZOMBIES!! I figure they want to get in pretty bad! But there probably aren't that many.....yet," my step-mom said.

"Good point. I'll go reinforce the field now," I said. As I walked away I could feel their stares burning into my back.



I'm not done, please tell me what you think, and if you see any mistakes

Thanks! <3

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