Breaking the new life(a story based off my space colony project)

Adventure/Romance sort of. Keily(keilana) is a normal teenage girl. That is if by normal you mean being forced to move to another planet. Away from her parents, away from most adults. She's having mixed feelings about this until she meets Chase. Chase is funny, sweet, strong, and a great friend to keily. Living on this new planet, well Mars, which has been completely rebuilt to something amazing with new technology. But soon they notice that everything is changing. Everything living and moving is becoming, stronger, faster, more agile, and smarter. And even the plants are changing. But what happens when someone new tries to take over? Putting Keily, Chase, and everyone else's lives in danger. Can they stop them in time? Or will everything just break apart.


3. The big news

Keily's POV

Okay... As if my life wasn't bad enough... The world is actually ending..

I mean great..

I ran over to Ari's house and she was sitting on the front steps crying her eyes out.

I sat down and hugged her.

"Shh. It's okay, they said they're going to take care of us. I know it's bad now.... But it'll get better." I said, hugging her and feeling her shake in my arms.

She really is scared.

"I know.. B-but that's not what has me upset so badly.." She sniffled.

"Then what is it.." I said, watching her get on her hands and knees, I thought she was about to throw up so I moved back behind the splash zone(...That sounded so disgusting).

"They're taking us away from our parents.." And then she rolled over into my lap, pale as a sheep and was actually passed out.

My heart stopped.

Did she just say we were getting taken from our parents?!

I put my hand on her forehead, she was burning up.

I picked her up, I'm a lot stronger than I look actually, and carried her inside and out of the heat.

her parents ran up and took her out of my arms, laying her down on the couch.

They looked completely normal.

"Uh.. So is it true?" I asked, looking at the floor.

They both looked at each other, then at me.

They knew what was happening, they were both scientists, so they were kept up to date.

"Yes. You and the other teenagers, from the ages of 14-19 are being moved to... Mars.." Her father said.

"Wait... What?!" I shouted, my jaw dropping.

Why the hell are we moving to another planet?!

This day just keeps getting better and better...

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