Scarlett's Story (A Death Note Fan Fiction)

Scarlett was raised at Wammy's, and after many years, L has come into contact with her again! She leaves her friends to help with the Kira case, but is that it? Or are they all going to see each other again?


6. Old Friends For Real

After that day, I had been more involved in the case than ever. I worked as hard as I could. Roger had said that Mello and Near had both left Wammy’s to pursue Kira and I hoped that I could find them. Matt, however, was most likely still at the orphanage but I couldn’t sort this out with a phone call. Mello would seek his help eventually, I knew he would.

Light was now L’s successor. He didn’t deserve it, in my opinion. L had always suspected him of being Kira, for all I knew, Light really was Kira but had managed to keep it a secret. I didn’t trust him. I never had.

For quite a while, nothing lead us closer to Kira or Mello. But one day, that was going to change.

We got a call from L.A. saying that they had kidnapped the director of the NPA and wanted the notebook in exchange. However, the director died soon after and they kidnapped Sayu Yagami. Of course, Light and Sohichiro wanted to get her back, so we decided to make the exchange.

That voice from the phone call though. It was far too familiar to me. The others had no idea who this person might be, but I knew for sure. The kidnapper was Mello.

But that wasn’t all. Near was helping us too. We only spoke through a computer, and addressed him as N, but I knew it was him. The only person we hadn’t been contacted by was Matt, but I doubted we would hear from him. If we could find Mello, we could well find Matt as well. Mello could call on him at any moment.

We travelled to L.A. but Sohichiro was taken elsewhere by Mello’s crew. This meant that I couldn’t go to find him. I had very little to do in this case at all. We simply travelled to L.A.

All I know is that Sayu was saved and that Mello was still alive somewhere with the death note. Near and Light were now working together properly.

We had a message from Kira that the Mafia members working with Mello would die and that he would give us his notebook. Sohichiro made a deal with the shinigami, Ryuk, who came with the death note so that he could see Mello’s real name. I was terrified. If they managed it then Mello would be as good as dead. No. He wouldn’t be as good as dead, he really would be dead. I couldn’t say anything though, they would assume that I was working with him and giving him classified information. Come on, Mello, I thought, have a clever plan to make it out alive. Please.

All of the investigators, including me, entered the Mafia hideout to look for Mello. We ran through dead criminals, desperately searching for the one I wanted to find. Either we would find him and he would die, or he would get away. I was sent to guard the way we came in, in case he was stupid enough to exit through there.

Suddenly, the entire facility went up in flames as a resounding boom sent me flying into the dusty ground. I must have hit my head extremely hard, because I soon blacked out. I felt the thud of footsteps in heavy boots but it was too late for that, I was already slipping into unconsciousness. Again.

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