Scarlett's Story (A Death Note Fan Fiction)

Scarlett was raised at Wammy's, and after many years, L has come into contact with her again! She leaves her friends to help with the Kira case, but is that it? Or are they all going to see each other again?


7. My Trusted Messengers

I woke up in hospital. I had somehow done something to my neck when I fell. Obviously, the first thing I did was check on the others. They were all doing okay. Except Sohichiro. The others informed me of what had happened back at the Mafia base.

They had found Mello, but Sohichiro hadn’t written his name when he got shot. Mello then blew the place up. We were lucky to be alive, but had Mello managed it as well? I could only hope that he had made it out safely; it meant so much to me that he should survive.

I couldn’t stay in that room any longer. Sohichiro was a great cop. Being in the same room as him whilst he died would only make my mental stability worse. Since L’s death I had been prone to massive mood swings that could be a massive problem to the people around me.

I sat out on the roof, letting the night run its cold fingers through my hair. The moon reflected just enough light for me to see.

“Where are you Mello?” I whispered into the wind, “Did you survive? Are you with Matt already? If you are, please tell him I’m sorry.”

The moon and the stars where my messengers, taking my whispered apology to the people who needed to hear it. No doubt my message would never make it to them, but saying it out loud seemed to spark new hope in me.

Mello was alive, and Matt would soon join him. I knew it. I didn’t know how, I just felt it in my bones or my gut or…my heart? Wherever I felt it, I got there message loud and clear. I was going to find them, no matter what happened.

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