Scarlett's Story (A Death Note Fan Fiction)

Scarlett was raised at Wammy's, and after many years, L has come into contact with her again! She leaves her friends to help with the Kira case, but is that it? Or are they all going to see each other again?


12. Mello's Letter

Matt came back to our room with two boxes in his arms. In large, black marker pen, the words ‘Matt’ and ‘Mello’ had been written on them.

These boxes were what Matt had gone to collect from the hideout.

“There’s some stuff in here you’d probably want to read.” He said, carefully placing the box labelled ‘Mello’ on the bed.

He opened it up and inside were various things that Mello had owned that either Matt or I would want to keep.

My eyes were instantly drawn to a photo of the three of us when we were much younger. I was in the middle, linking my arms through theirs. I was only about ten and my hair was in bunches. Mello was on my right in black clothes, looking like he was trying hard not to look like he was actually having a nice time. Matt was on my left in a stripy t-shirt with baggy jeans and doing the peace sign with his free hand.

Hundreds of happy memories flooded through my mind and my eyes began to sting slightly.

“Also, you might wanna read this,” Matt handed me a folded up piece of paper with my name on the front. I looked at him inquisitively.

“Whenever he wanted to say something to someone, he’d write a letter. He wouldn’t send it though. I was just flicking through when I saw your name on one. I didn’t read it though; it’s for your eyes only.”

Nervously, I took the letter in shaking hands. I carefully unfolded it and read it in my head.


I’m so sorry, for all the stupid things I did. I forgive you about Matt. I know that you care about him, maybe more than you think I do.

Anyway, Matt and I are gonna kidnap Takada to help catch Kira. Even though me and that twit, Near, will never get along we know we can’t solve this alone. I was hoping to see you again, but I doubt I’ll even survive tonight.

There are just some things I need to get off my chest. If I die then you’ll never know, but if I manage to come out of this alive then I can tell you.

I miss you loads. I’m probably wrong, but I really like you. I had to tell you. It’s okay if you don’t like me like that; I know you like Matt and I’m pretty sure he likes you back. I just don’t want to die without a chance you might find out.

No matter what happens, tonight or whatever, just know that we’re still friends and that I will always love you.


A massive lump formed in my throat, then, all at once, it all came out. Tears came splashing down, staining the bed clothes. I hugged Matt close to me and sobbed into his chest. He didn’t ask any questions, just hugged me back and did all he could to calm me; whispering that everything was okay and stroking my hair. Still the tears never stopped. I was surprised, shocked, sad and confused. All this time…and I never even knew. I’m sorry Mello. I had no idea…

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