Scarlett's Story (A Death Note Fan Fiction)

Scarlett was raised at Wammy's, and after many years, L has come into contact with her again! She leaves her friends to help with the Kira case, but is that it? Or are they all going to see each other again?


14. Love

I switched off the news. Light had been killed by Kira; at least, that’s what they said. I doubted it though.

A rustling sound came from outside the door to the hotel room, pulling me away from my thoughts. I quietly grabbed the gun, just in case.

“Skye,” Called Mail’s voice, “I forgot my key, can you let me in?”

I sighed with relief, put my gun away, and then opened the door. He had gone out to do a bit of shopping.

“Thanks.” He put the bags down before giving me a kiss on the nose.

I giggled like a seven year old. I never really understood why you would kiss someone on the nose; it was just a really random place. Yes, the reason I laughed was because of where he kissed me instead of the fact he had actually kissed me. Well, we were a couple now.

It’s amazing how much can change in a short while. Of course, some things had changed for the worse.

“I’m tired of living in hotels all the time,” I said, sitting on the bed and hugging Mail from behind, “We should get a proper place to live.”

“Why not?” He laughed, turning his head to kiss me, properly this time.

To cut the boring part short, we found a cheap little bungalow and got all settled in.

Years have passed since that day, and I can give you two little hints about what happened next:

My last name isn’t Moonshine anymore.

And two is going to turn into three.

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