Scarlett's Story (A Death Note Fan Fiction)

Scarlett was raised at Wammy's, and after many years, L has come into contact with her again! She leaves her friends to help with the Kira case, but is that it? Or are they all going to see each other again?


13. Getting Better

Once I had stopped crying, I pulled away from Matt and put the letter in my draw.

“Are you okay?” He asked, taking my hand in his.

“Yeah,” I nodded “I’m okay.”

I slid my hand away and walked over to the window. The dark clouds formed a large, thick sheet that spread all across the sky. I sighed and looked down; what was I supposed to do now?

“What's on your mind?” Matt had appeared next to me.

How was I supposed to respond to that? There were millions of things on my mind!

“We’re not little kids at Wammy’s anymore,” I said, refusing to look him in the eye, “I wish I could go back in time; everything has changed.”

“I’m guessing this has something to do with what Mello wrote.” He trailed off in thought.

We stood there in an awkward silence. Obviously, Matt had no clue about how Mello really felt about me and I wasn’t going to tell; it was mine and Mello’s secret.

“What’s your real name?” Matt asked, hastily trying to change the subject; for him more than anything as he was just pretending to be strong.

“You tell me yours first.” I said as I sat down on the bed.

“Mail Jeevas,” He replied, sitting next to me, “yours?”

“Promise me you won’t laugh,” I gave an embarrassed smile, “it’s kinda weird.”


I took a deep breath.

“Skye Moonshine.”

“Why would I laugh at that?” Matt smiled, “That’s an awesome name!”

“You really think so?” I asked, turning round to look at him.

“Yeah, you sound like a secret agent or something.”

I laughed. It was the first proper laugh that had escaped my lips in a long time. Mello wouldn’t have wanted me to sit here sulking over his death forever.

Then I remembered something that made me feel happy about Mello’s death. Well, not full on happy, but a little better than before. When you die, your body releases loads of endorphins into your bloodstream, stopping the pain and making you feel happy. I never thought that morbid lesson back at Wammy’s would ever make me feel comforted. Then again, I never knew that I would lose Mello either…

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