How To Save A Life -NiallHoranFanFiction-

A Niall Horan fan fiction... Before you request anything i will not have anything TO dirty in this fanfiction! im hoping to carry it on for at least 3 books if i get the reaction im hoping for! nearly everything in this book is fictional so dont believe everything you read! i hope you enjoy<3


1. DoYouBelieveInLoveAtFirstSight?

***Sienna Brookes POV***


The cold breeze slapped me around the face as i unwillingly wondered out of my small cottage in mullingar. I had my next college essay due within 2 days and i hadnt even started yet! I dont even know why i chose to do a course on spanish it was absolutely pointless it just seemed the easiest option! What i really wanted to do was do a course on performing arts but my father wouldnt let me, he said that i cant make a job out or performing  and it wont bring food to the table. Me and my father have never seen eye to eye i have always been closer to my mother (Cassandra Brooke) she encouraged me that i can d anything i believe in and can achieve anything if i try my best.

I was always in the library so i was instantly recognised. Everyone was acting differently today, they were all staring at some scruffy blonde guy in the corner? There was even someone crying while not breaking eye contact with the back of his head! It was weird because he didnt even seem bothered? Anyway i needed to focus, this essay isnt going to write itself!

Unfortunately, the only computer left was next to the blonde guy everyone was freaking out about! I sat down and looked up what i needed to research. While i was working i could constantly feel a pair of piercing eyes staring at me. I turned around to see who it was and it was the blonde guy. "Excuse me is there a problem?" i asked. "No, its just i think you mean como esta there not coma esta." he replied. I blushed at my amateur mistake and proceeded with my work. Im sure i recognised him from somewhere i just couldnt put my finger on it. I kept getting distracted by an angelic yet slightly husky voice singing my favourite song (The Fray How To Save A Life) i couldnt help but sing along! Whenever i hear the song i just cant help but sing, its like having an epileptic fit or something it just happens automatically and i don't even realise until it gets to the point where im singing at the top of my lungs! I felt my chair being spun around until i was face to face with a beautiful stranger, it was none other than the scruffy haired blonde boy. "i cant help but notice what an amazing voice you have, i cant have such an beautiful and talented girl leave this library without knowing their name?"

"My names Sienna, Sienna Brooke and thanks erm i didnt even realise i was singing! whats your name?" i asked, he looked at me in confusion. " Wait you dont know who i am? Im Niall Horan, you know from the internationally famous boyband one direction!"

One Direction, the boyband all the schools obsessed with but i didnt even bother listening to one of their songs! Its probably just cheesy heartthrob boyband music! Im into the oldies like the eagles, the beatles, or oasis! And i love a bit of the fray!

"Oh, One Direction erm im not exactly a 'directioner' so i didnt know who you are sorry...?" i explained awkwardly.

"OH THANK GOD! Dont get me wrong i love the fans but they are crazy, for once i'd like to sit and talk to a beautiful girl without having them scream in my face!' i laughed at the way he fell to his knees in a praying position whilst he was saying it!

We spoke for ours in that library! He seemed so relatable, he told me the story of him being terrified of pigeons because one flew in through the window as he was on the toilet, i laughed so hard that we both got kicked out of the library! "it was so nice to meet you!" i said. "Hopefully the first of many funny times!" he said whilst laughing. For a while we stood there saying  nothing, just simply staring into eachothers eyes. I couldnt resist the urge any longer and leaned in for a kiss, luckily he kissed back. I had these amazing feelings of bombs going off in my stomach, it felt like there was noone in the world but us to.

Finally, we pulled apart. Me being me i didnt no how to react and i ran off and didnt look back.  HOW CAN I BE SUCH AN IDIOT I DIDNT GET HIS NUMBER OR ANYTHING I JUST KISSED HIM AND LEFT!? what is my problem?



As Sienna crashed her lips onto mine i felt like fireworks were going off in my head! Shes so beautiful and nice, shes genuinely amazing! As we finally parted i wanted to embrace her in a hug and never let her go but before i knew it she was gone! Without a word she left me. By instinct i chased after her but lost her after a while, i need to find her and soon. Sienna Brooke, i shall never forget that name. Maybe there is such thing as love at first sight?






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