hershey park summer of 2013

My name is jill and I cant believe this summer I am finally going to see one direction for the first time in Hershey park with my best friend lari! AHHH!! seriously I wish I had meet and greets but no matter what this trip will be worth it!!! We also have 5th row seats right in the middle like hello!!!!!!! This has to be the best summer ever !!!


1. Finally Here

Finally!!!! Were at Hershey park!!!! I feel like I have been waiting forever. Im sad that my best friend will not be here until tomorrow, but today will go by fast since we are just unpacking and looking around. The one direction concert is in 2 days!!!! I wonder if they are going to go on rides, like I cant even imagine sitting next to niall or Louis or any of them!! But I would have to get really lucky for that to happen. I seriously have been obsessing since last year when I got the tickets. But I have promised myself if I did somehow meet them that I would keep my cool (it probably won't end up happening). You do not even know how hard I tried to get meet and greets. I literally tried everything from finding cheep ones to contests, but we all know how those end. Anyways I have a really good feeling about this trip especially because I keep having dreams that they are going to read my tweet during the concert. I mean that is good enough for me! We are staying at this inn, right outside of Hershey park because everything in Hershey park was booked. Everyone is going to searching for them and it is going to be a mad house, yikes!!! I have only been to Hershey once before and it is so much fun. I am in love with rollercoasters, but they will always come second right behind one direction. I don't know if this is weird but I am having a heart attack over what I am going to wear because if they look at me I absolutely have to look Perfect! I should check to see if they are going to do a twitcam. That would make my night. I am exhausted and that car ride did not make things better so I am going to bed night. =]

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