It's Gotta Be You...<3 (A Louis Tomlinson FanFic )

Louis has always told Ashley that she would be his one and only but will fame change things?


1. Chapter 1

"ONE DIIIIIRECTION is on next on the mix!" The voice boomed through my car radio. "Ugh" I grunted. "Ash, what's wrong" Amy laughed. "Nothing. Just don't really like one direction. They aren't that great.." I said. "HA. Yeah okay...." Amy replied. I just sat in my seat quietly. 

I couldn't tell Amy that me and... Louis Tomlinson... well me and him were sort of a thing before he was on the X-Factor and became so damn famous. We were friends since we were 10 and by the time we were 14 we were dating. Sure, we had our fair share of fights and he hurt me a couple times but we would always make up. When he tried out for the X-Factor I was excited and when he was actually on the show I felt so proud. 

I remember Lou coming home from his audition and told me "Ash, I want you to know that it's ALWAYS going to be you. No one BUT YOU. It's gotta be you. Whenever you need me I'll be here by your side; No more fears no more crying. I love you so much.  It's me and you against the world." He kissed me passionately after that. He went to the X-factor and really didn't contact me. No break up.. he just stopped caring. 


"Ash..." Amy was poking me. "Oh, sorry just thinking about something." I said. Than I heard the unthinkable... One Direction's song.

"I'll be here, by your side. No more fears no more crying. But if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else. It's gotta be you. Only you."

I changed the station casually to 'I love It.' 

But my brain was still thinking about that song... Those words were what Lou said to me before things changed.....


***I know it's short but the other ones will be longer. comments? xxxxxxx

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