*This is based of a book i read* My name is Summer Fields. Weird right? Im 18. The year is 2013. Now a days they can take you whenever they want, but only between certain ages. I was hoping I would make the cut-off. But i didn't. Now, i am withering.


1. Taken by Takers

15-25. Those are they ages they can take you. If you're lucky they leave you alone. But 5 out of 10 don't get that lucky. I was one of the five that didn't get lucky, well I was until I was taken. Sorry if that's confusing. THe point is I was taken. Or I am taken. Ugh. Why is this so hard to explain? Ok. Let me start at the beginning up to now. What is now, you ask? I'm in the house who's owners henchman took me.  So, shall we go to the beginning?

                I start doing the dishes, listening to music. my siblings and parents are in and out. My moms gardening, my dad mowing. Anyways, we are in our respective places. I hear a faint knock on the door. That gets me worried. No one knocks on the door. Its law. It's reserved for...them. It's so you know when you are being taken. I ran outside, in the back to my parents. I quickly tell them about the knock and we all run to to the door, stopping to look at each other. I hide behind my mother while she hides behind my dad as he opens the door. There was a man I never hoped to see. A man with a gray suit and hat to match his suit, covering his face. He said in a deep voice, my name, age, and I was being taken. He told me to go and pack my stuff. I couldn't argue, but I looked at my mother.  Silently pleading, begging her to stop this. She just shook her head and nodded to my room. So, I walked to my room and took my slow sweet time packing. My pictures, clothes, phone, computer, cd's, and shoes. I walked to the door. I had tears in my eyes, but like I said, you cant fight back. If you get chosen you have to go, It's the law. My friend fought back, she was shot. So I followed him, waving to my parents. He led me to a fan and pushed me in. There were a few other girls. I looked around, but my attention soon turned to the blue smoke coming out of vents. I suddenly felt sleepy. I fell, asleep hitting something soft. 

Thats how I got to this moment. Sitting in a bed with green satin sheets. The room is huge. Across from the bed is a window wall, to the right of that is the door. On the other side of the window is a door, it's open so  I can see a bathroom. And it is not a small one. I can tell you that for a fact. I can only see art of it, but I can see a bathroom with a huge tub. Seriously. And right now, after noticing this, I realized I am not where I should be. I am supposed to be at my house. Sharing a room with my only sister and sibling Samantha. I should be waking up to the smell of pancakes and waffels. But I'm not.  I am most likely in the mansion of some famous person, one who is evil and cruel, making his men steal me and two other girls who had their whole life ahead of them. I don't know him but whoever it is I am leaving as soon as I turn 25. That is allowed. That is the last age of being taken. The Law decided that if the taken child doesn't love that taker than they can leave. But only at 25. The law is stupid that way. Honestly  only very, very, VERY strange people want to be taken. But right now I have a very, very, VERY strange feeling in my stomach, and no it is not because I'm nervous. I throw the duvet off my body, and rush to the bathroom. I don't get to far though, because some stupid idiot decided to put some towels next to the bed, causing me to trip  and land face first into the floor. I groaned, before puking up my guts, (not  literally). All over, what  I noticed earlier was a nice white carpet. Whoops. I slowly sat up, in a cross legged position. I buried my head in my hands. I don't know why. I guess I  was ashamed of puking on the floor. I should't be. Or maybe it was the fact that I couldn't go home, or that I was chosen. I heard the door opening. I quickly shuffled to the bathroom that I missed. I was sitting in the doorway trying to hind my face within the perfectly painted wood. I heard the person curse under their breath. I heard some rubbing just afterward the string of curses. I looked from the wood to a older man with silver hair, staring down at me. He had a disapproving scowl. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up and let me tell you my stomach didn't agree. I puked all over his shoes, I looked up and weakly said, "Sorry". I don't know why I said that,  he deserved it. But he pushed me into the arms of a little girl. "Clean her. Have Mikey come and clean my shoes". He left without another word. U watched him walk down the hall until the girl who's arms I was pushed into helped me stand up right.  She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. "My names Mindy.  Lets get you cleaned."  I nodded. She led me to a bathroom but I couldn't help wonder, why he looked so familiar. Like I have seen him everywhere if at least someone that looks exactly like him. 

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