A Tale Of Two Parts.

Thought I'd try something a bit different. This is a two-part poem.


1. Part 1: Her.

I can't do it anymore, 
My face, my body, my life, 
I'm repulsive, I'm sorry, 
None of you deserve someone like me. 

I started out fine, I suppose, 
I was a happy child, never this sad.
I always felt pretty, I always felt loved,
It made smiling for real so much easier. 

Their words, intended as friendly jokes, 
Killed me on the inside, I didn't laugh,
I went home and broke down and cried.
No one came to comfort me; they didn't care. 

I sat alone every night, 
Laughing silently, manically,
Watching as I tore myself to shreds.
My skin was paper, ready to cut. 

I went to school in the morning,
Bracelets covering my bloodied arms.
I was invisible, alone,
They said nothing, so I said nothing. 

People would call me selfish
If they knew what I was thinking.
I'm a selfish, insecure girl
With no thoughts towards others. 

I... Deserve... To... Die. 
Do not try to stop me. 
I can't cope with knowing I'm not
Capable of being normal, pretty, ordinary. 

This is it. I'm finally dying. 
Fading is such a serene feeling.
The paper is folded neatly in my palm,
Sealed with a final kiss. 


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