The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


2. Movies and A Secret.

We both walked out to the car, Niall helping me into my side. There were a couple people in his Jeep already. About, two more. They were kids --boys-- from our grade. The ones I dont typically talk to, or hang out with. But, there's always space for changes. I glance over to see if I recognise the boy next to me, and I do. His name is Austin, and he's actually one year older than everybody else in the car. He started school early, or so he says, and he should be in the next grade up. The other boy's name is Will. He's the same age as me and Niall and should be in our grade. Where he is now.

Will looks over at me, and sees me studying him. He gives me a look and turns away, his shaggy brown hair flipping around with the movement. I feel my cheeks heat and I turn to my window, and stare at the blur of houses and big buildings and people walking by. Niall was driving, Will was sitting passanger side, and Austin was by me. I just stared out the window, hoping to avoid more eye-contact with Will, and Austin. I have never really built up the courage to talk to either of them. But I guess today, I'll need to put up with them. Since summer just started, and me and Niall hang out almost everyday of summer, I'll probably end up seeing these other boys more...

The silence in the car is deafining until Will talks.

"Hey, what movie are we going to see?" He's talking to Austin, but Niall answers him anyways.

"I thought we'd decide when we got there... Okay?" Niall's tone sounds annoyed. Maybe Will was annoying him about it before he'd picked me up. Or, Will was just an invitee by Austin. Austin and Will are best friends. They do like, nothing, apart from each other. It's pure luck they can do anything in school when they dont have the same classes.

"Okay, okay. Niall, it's okay, he'll be alright." Austin says.

I thought it was the end of that conversation until I heard my own stupid mouth mutter: "Who'll be alright?"

Nobody answers me right away, Niall's face reddening. With hate, or with shock, or fear?

"Niall's brother's in the hospital." Austin says to me, his big blue eyes thick with sadness. I felt my face reddening --for the second time-- and I turned to look out my window again.

"I'm sorry... I-I didnt know..." I say, telling the truth. I really didnt know what was going on. A few questions were going through my mind: Why didnt he come to me? To tell me first? Arent we best friends? Doesnt he trust me any more?

I shook my head clear of thoughts, and just stared out the window.

"It's okay." Niall says, and then the rest of the ride is silent.

We drove for a few more minutes until  we reached the Movie Theature. I stepped out of the car, with Will's help this time. Niall had placed thick tall tires onto his Jeep and I always twisted my ankle getting out. Or in. I noticed Niall hanging back after the other boys ran inside.

I stepped over to him, he was leaning against the car, his face in his hands.

I stepped next to him and put my arm around his lower back.

"Niall, what happened?" I ask, my voice almost a whisper. He doesnt answer, he keeps his hands over his eyes. He didnt tell me his brother was in the hospital.

"My brother," Niall says, pausing in between deep breaths, "He's in the hospital," Another deep breath, "He was in a car accident. They dont know how he is. Whether he'll make it out or not. He's in bad shape, K."

I hear my nickname from him, bringing back the memories of our childhood. Just one letter, it used to always help me, make me feel better when he'd use it. I dont know why. Today it didnt work. Right now, there's a worse situation. Not my worse situation, Niall's. And he needs a best friend right now.

"Niall," I pause, I dont know what to say to him. I never have the rights words to say to someone. Before I can speak again, Niall's talking.

"I dont know if he's alright, K, I need him to be okay." He says. Tears fall freely down his cheeks. He steps away from me and walks over to the front of the car, "Can I just be alone right now?" he asks. He knows I wont leave him like this.

And for a second, I'm upset. Not at Niall, not about his brother. Just for one second, I'm mad at Austin and Will. They brought this back up, and it was supposed to just be a fun day out at the movies with friends.

"Niall, I'm not going to leave you... Please, let me just stay with you." I plead, hoping he'll give in. I want him to trust me, lean on me when there is no-one there for him. I want him to come to me when he needs help and not try to hide it, and his feelings.

"K, please. Please go, just watch the movie with the guys. I'll be okay." His voice breaks, and he clears his throat, "Please."

I dont say a word. I just move closer to him, and wrap my arms around him, feeling his tears drip onto my shoulder as he cries and hugs me back. "I'll never leave you behind. Niall, I swear, I'll help you through this." I say, finally finding somewhat of the right words.

"I-I just want him to be okay. It's been a week now... I hope he's alright." He says, and I feel more hot tears run down my shoulder. My heart aches for him.. He might have lost his brother, his only brother...

"Niall, it'll be okay, he's in good hands. Have you gone and visited him yet?" I ask, hoping he has the heart to answer. His crying is worse. I understand what he's going through though, my sister was in the hospital with a high fever. The doctors had no clue what was wrong with her, but a few blood tests, medicines, vaccines and rest days later, she got better. It was three weeks for her in the hospital before she could come home again.

"C-Can I have a few minutes, please?" He says. Why doesnt he feel like opening up to me, sharing his feelings? Has he seen his brother since the car crash?

"Niall, no." I only say the two words, and he backs away, and takes a few steps away from me. What is going on through his head? My heart is aching to know now. I follow behind him a few paces. He stops by a brick wall seperating two different stores.

"Niall, wait." I call after him, but he only walks away faster. I break into a slow jog to keep up with his quick pace, but he just keeps walking. He's heading the opposite direction from the movies and the Jeep.

"K, please! I need to think and be alone for a little while!" He turns on me and snaps.

I back away, yelping. He's never done that. Sure, we've fought sometimes, but he's never yelled.

His facial expression is fear and pure sorry. I dont feel like talking anymore. He's different. He's changed. Since we walked into the first class in 11th grade, I knew he'd be different. Before, he'd never snap, now, he just proved that he could.

"No, wait! I'm sorry! I didnt mean it." Niall says, his words fading as I sprint back towards the movies. I hear Niall's quick pace behind me, knowing he's gaining on me, but I run right into the movie theature, full sprint. I nearly take Will out running into the door, knocking the tickets out of his hands.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, you look like a mass murderer is after you." Will says, grabbing my arms and holding me back.

***WILL FINISH LATER. Tell me how it is so far? Like it? Should I keep going?***

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