The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


9. Chapter 9

We tried to keep our voices down as we ducked and dove into and behind different crowds of people who weren't hunting us down. I definitely didn't need my picture all over the news tomorrow just for coming to the amusement park.

We reached the Ferris Wheel and hopped into the line, unfortunately, behind a group of fans.

"Hey!" A girl with her red hair tied up, 1D tee shirt on, said.

"Hello babe." Louis said, while Niall kept low-key trying to hide behind Louis and Eleanor.

"Eleanor you're so beautiful! Can I have a picture?" Another fan asked Eleanor. 

"Uh, sure." Eleanor says, and poses for a picture while another fan snaps the shot.

"Could we have your guys' autographs please?!" What looks to be a ten year old practically yells out from the crowd of fans now gathering. Definitely not helping with my claustrophobia.

"We were kind of just trying to be here without getting mobbed. Not to sound like a jerk, but could we do this some other time? We only have a few more days with our girlfriends before our tour." Louis says. The girls are polite, even though they seem upset, and nod, returning to giggling over a joke said. They kept looking back, and recording us sneakily. And, that's how I know I'll be on the internet somewhere.

We waited in line, being recorded, until they got onto their cart on the Ferris Wheel. We'd decided to take two separate carts. Eleanor and Louis in one and Niall and I in the other.


Sorry I don't feel like writing anymore tonight... I just don't feel up to it. But, this is the start to Chapter 9, how is it? Happy commenting. Also check out the new Movella I just released. Not a story, but some information.  

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