The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


8. Chapter 8

Niall and Louis walked in side by side, holding what looked like a note-paper. Were they writing the details down?

"Okay ladies, we have the stuff you'll need for the new house. Well, we don't have it yet, but we wrote it down, anyways," Niall said with a laugh.

"Okay, so, we have the day today for absolutely nothing then?" I hear Eleanor ask from behind me. Louis nods.

"Pretty much. Although, now that I think of it, no. We don't, We're all going somewhere today." Louis says.

"Where?" Eleanor asks.

"It's a surprise babe." Louis says, adding a quick wink to Eleanor. I know she was smiling by the look Louis held in his eyes.

"It's a surprise for you as well, Kendal." Niall says.

"Okay." I say with a  little giggle.

"So, shall we go then?" Niall asks, holding his hand out for me to take. I accept the gesture and we start to walk outside. Most likely to say goodbye to the other boys. I guess we weren't going to see the house this very second.

When we walked out onto the maroon porch, the other boys were deep in discussion about something. I looked at Zayn, who smiled and then returned talking to Harry.

"Uh, lads?" Louis asked.

"Yeah?" I hear one of them say.

"We're going to get going. Meet you up there?"

Harry has a cheeky, dimpled grin when he looks up and answers, "Yeah, mate. See you there."

And with that, we were off to wherever the boys had planned for us to go. We'd gotten to the car, and Louis helped Eleanor in, and got in the front, driver side.

"Uh, mate?" Niall says to Louis.


"We're going to walk." Niall says, with a smile.

"Meet you there then, buddy," Louis says, and shuts his door.


A few seconds go by, and we stand there, waiting for the car to go by, once it does, we start to walk.

Niall grabs my hand as we walk out onto the pavement sidewalk, which was cracked from weathering.

"So, nice day for a walk, eh?" Niall asks, awkwardly. I smile, and nod.

"It is." I answer. We walk for a few more minutes, the hot glare of the sun beaming directly over us. Birds and crickets chirp in the distance, and the only other sound you can hear is the sound of our footsteps. It's a very relaxing day to be out, and, how could it be better? There are only a few puffy white clouds in the sky, passing by slowly by the hot sun. A few birds flying around in the sky. In the distance, a plane passes by, leaving behind it's thick trail of puffy white smoke. I imagine back to the days when me and my friends used to walk all the time, go on tiny adventures and get yelled at for being in town too long. I also missed the days when we'd walk by the amusement park, imagining how the rides would be like. We'd never had enough money to get on any rides, but we did go around and look at the people's excited grins when they stepped on the rides. We'd hoped and prayed for that one day we'd be able to go there and just have the time of our lives together.. And, that was when I realized just where Niall and Louis were taking Eleanor and I.

I saw Louis' car pull into the amusement park parking lot, and my excitement rose as they got out and walked through the huge gates into the roller-coaster filled wonderland.

"Well, how do you feel about spending a day there?" Niall asks, and I follow his finger to the amusement park. I smile as the sun glares into my eyes, shining off of a rollercoaster.

"I've never been there before." I say in complete bliss. I was so excited to go on some rides, the same ones me and my friend had dreamed of.
I do miss my friend.. She'd moved away a few years back, and it was the worst news in the world. She'd come up to me on a rainy day, tears in her eyes saying 'goodbye'. I had cried for weeks, knowing there was no point in a friendship with someone you couldn't see...

Tears threatened to spill over my eyes, but I blinked them back, and focused on reality instead of the past.

"What's wrong?" I hear Niall's concerned voice. We had stopped walking and he was standing in front of me, looking into my eyes.

"Oh, nothing," I say, a smile rising up to my cheeks when I see his eyes lighten up.

"Alright, well, shall we go inside?" He asks, and I nod.

"Of course," I say, excitement already building up. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon today, which means the sun would be setting in a couple hours.

"Louis said he and Eleanor would be by the Farris Wheel, so let's go meet them now." Niall says.

"Sounds like a plan." I say enthusiastically.

While we make our way to the biggest attraction in the park, we see plenty of fun things. Games and rides that we'd probably be on later today. I'd never been on a rollercoaster, and I was terrified of it, since one of my biggest fears is heights. And claustrophobia, so, I wouldn't be able to stand being in a hot metal container.

Niall pulled me closer to him.

"What's wrong Niall?" I ask.

"Oh sorry. I didn't like the way that guy was looking at you." He said, pointing to a very cute looking male. He was definitely intimidating, flirting up a few girls around him. He winked at me, and I saw Niall's middle finger go up towards him. The male gave us a dirty look and returned to a girl who was wearing little to no clothes. A short cut shirt and shorts that barely covered her body. She batted around her pretty blonde hair and stared at the male adoringly.


"Well, there's Eleanor, I don't see Louis." Niall says, pointing to a waving girl. Her curly brunette hair and cute outfit a dead ringer for her.

We slowly approached the Ferris Wheel, Eleanor smiling at us when we got there.

"Hello guys." She says. I smile, and Niall says 'hello' back.

"Where'd Louis go?" Niall asks. She looks around for a minute before shrugging.

"Oh yeah! He had to make a quick stop to the bathroom, he'll be right back. He said he really needed to pee." Eleanor says giggling.  I giggled back and looked around, seeing Louis practically getting mobbed by a pack of young-teenage girls.

"Damn, they found us." Niall said from behind me, wrapping his hands around my waist.

"Well, you're not exactly hiding." I say, and he chuckles.

"I should have, but it's too hot for a baggy sweatshirt today. I have sunglasses." Niall says, laughing, as if sunglasses helped.

"Well, we should probably hide behind that little shop so they don't see us. Rumour has it, paparazzi has been dying for some pictures of you two. Hottest new couple in the news now, not very many pictures to go around. Yet." Eleanor says, and grabs my arm, leading us to a little shop behind the Ferris Wheel. We sat down and waiting until we heard footsteps from behind the store.

"Guys?" Louis' voice rang out.

"Over here, babe," Eleanor calls out to him, standing up. He rounds the corner and takes Eleanor's hand.

"We should probably go get on a ride or something, they are on the prowl today." Louis says, making faces like it was the worst experience ever. I giggle, and we all walk out from behind the store.




Author's note:

How's this chapter so far? I have to stop my brothers from throwing things everywhere so I have to go. I am babysitting them.. Oops?

Well, bye for now! Happy commenting! <3 xx

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